Core Exercises For Men

Core Exercises For Men That Will Have You Crying Like A Baby

In this blog post I’m going to share with you some of the best core exercises for men you can do to flatten your belly.  Even though I entitled this workout video as the best core exercises for men these exercises can be done by anybody.

The reason I named it that is because you won’t find any lame exercises that make you feel embarrassed while you’re doing them at the gym.  These exercises are definitely more hardcore and intense than the typical crunches and sit-ups that most people do while training abs.

The funny thing about these core exercises for men is the lack of abdominal isolation movements.  Now I’m definitely not against including some abdominal focused exercises but it’s going to be to your advantage to do more of the exercises shown in this video rather than the typical abdominal workout routine.

The reason is because these are compound exercises that involve multiple muscle groups working in multiple planes.  Your body is going to have to work a hell of a lot harder to complete these exercises meaning you’ll be able to better burn off that McRib you just slammed about an hour ago.

Of course, the tradeoff is that these core exercises are going to kick your butt and have you sucking wind but I can promise you that it’ll be well worth it.  The key to finding a proper weight for the dumbbells involved in this workout is finding a pair that make the workout very challenging but doesn’t cause you to lose form.  Once your form starts to suffer you immediately put your body into compromising movements that can easily cause an injury.

What I would suggest is to have 2 different pairs of dumbbells nearby so you can start with the heavier set and once your form starts to suffer immediately drop to the less heavy set.  Even on the T-stab Push-ups and Core Row exercises you can drop to your bodyweight instead and this will still be super difficult.  After a while you can progress up in weight so the workout is still challenging so you keep seeing results.

You’ll also notice that I keep the work set times high at 45 seconds with the recovery periods low at only 15 seconds.  This is going to be an ideal combination to cause a metabolic disturbance in your body leading to a boost your metabolism.  I recommend checking out my Gymboss review and picking up this really cool little gadget to take your mind off keeping track of the time so you can focus on the workout.

Core Exercises For Men Workout Video

The Core Exercises For Men Breakdown

3 rounds: 45 seconds WORK / 15 seconds RECOVERY

  • Core Row with Squat Thrust
  • Death Marches
  • T-Stab Push-ups
  • 1-Arm Dumbbell Swings
  • Goblet Squats
Remember just because I named this workout the best core exercises for men doesn’t mean that it’s restricted just for men and I recommend for all my clients who are physically able to do these intense kind of metabolic resistance training exercises to lose belly fat fast.