BioTrust Ageless Body Review (does it work?)

In my BioTrust Ageless Body review, I’m going to share with you my personal experience and if it’s worth it. Just about all of us can agree that getting older sucks. I know there are some benefits to getting older like more wisdom but there are a lot of cons too.

The biggest we see every time we look in the mirror are lines everywhere. Lines around your mouth, eyes, and forehead. The idea that we’re like a fine bottle of wine that gets better with age can be plain wrong for a lot of people. It’s no secret so many hate getting and looking older. And nobody doesn’t like being able to do what they once used to be able to do.

The truth is you’re young for a very short amount of time in the grand scheme of things. You have many decades of your 40s, 50s, 60s ahead and you could even live into your 100s. That’s a long time to feel less energetic and worse looking. One lady even told me she holds back from smiling because of all the wrinkles around her eyes.

But the good news is there is more and more science coming out every day finding ways to reverse the aging curse. You can put a quick stop to what’s causing you to age and even bring back much of the youthful look and feel you once had in your 20s. The promise with Ageless Glow is just this so let’s dive in to see if it’s the real deal or not.

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What is BioTrust Ageless Body?

what is ageless body

Ageless Body is a premium anti-aging supplement that uses a special formulation of ingredients that are backed by science to get results. You see one of the biggest causes of aging in the first place is chronic inflammation (1,2). They even call it “inflamm-aging.” Now we all know what our skin looks like when you get a cut. Your skin swells up, turns red and you feel pain. Fortunately, this kind of inflammation is short-lived but a lot of the time there is more inflammation lurking inside your body.

Aging in general along with your dieting, exercise, and lifestyle habits can cause this chronic inflammation throughout your body (3). Having this inflammation over time causes your body to “swell up” and age faster than it needs to. So the better you’re able to get rid of this inflammation inside your body the more you’ll fight back against aging. But the longer this inflammation continues in your body the faster you’re going to continue to age as the years go by.

ageless body ingredients

Stress is another big cause of premature aging as it shortens your DNA telomeres (4,5). Now telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of your DNA to protect chromosomes. As you age these caps slowly get worn down leading to accelerated aging (6). When your DNA becomes shortened from stress your cells are then slower to regenerate (7). Stress is one of leading causes of telomere shortening and can cause the thinning of your skin dermis (8). This contributes to a decline in collagen and elastin fibers leading to more wrinkles and sagging skin (9).

This is where Ageless Body by BioTrust shines because it uses powerful science-backed ingredients to stop and reverse these two major causes of aging: inflammation and stress (10).

Benefits of Ageless Body

benefits of ageless body

Getting older isn’t what really bothers us… it’s the hard truth that you can’t enjoy the things you used to and it seems like every day it’s getting worse. One lady I spoke to told me she hated being old and the worst part was she knew she was only going to get older. She hated what was happening to her body, her hair, and her face. She regrets that she didn’t appreciate her young smooth skin when she had it. And on top of that, she felt like she had no control over what was happening to her as she gets older.

Now I recommended to her to take Ageless Body but I never heard from her again and sadly assume she never tried it. It’s a shame to live the rest of your days down in the dumps over aging that could be reversed. Inflammation is one of the largest driving forces of aging and Ageless Body uses two powerful ingredients to counter it. And for the damage caused by chronic stress Ageless Body contains three more ingredients to fight back against its age effects.


Ageless Body contains CucurWIN which is their breakthrough formulation of curcumin. Turmeric has long been studied to have significant anti-inflammatory properties. But the trick is that turmerics extract called curcumin is responsible for all the benefits (11,12).

The big problem turmeric supplements are they contain a very small amount of actual curcumin in them. Because of this, you’ll only be getting a fraction of the results you would otherwise get with high-grade curcumin. Plus most curcumin and turmeric products have very poor absorption in your gut which depletes its benefits for you even more (13).

Ageless Body uses a formulation that allows them to absorb up to 46 times the amount of curcumin compared to regular turmeric (14). This study was published in Nutrition Journal finding their formulation CurcuWIN easily beat the other curcumin competitors. And lastly many have heard taking turmeric with BioPerine (black pepper extract) was a great way to increase absorbability. Yet another study found the same CurcuWIN formulation to be 6.8 times more absorbing than crucumin with BioPerine (15).

So with Ageless Body, you’ll be able to reap even more of its inflammation-fighting benefits like smoother clearer skin. Not to mention lower inflammation levels are linked to improved mood, lower depression, stronger immune system, improved heart health, and a stronger brain (16,17,18,19).

Setria® Glutathione

Glutathione is known as the “master antioxidant” and it’s the most abundant antioxidant in your entire body (20). Unfortunately, as you age your levels of glutathione go down and down (21). When glutathione levels are low you’ll feel tired all the time, have brain fog and you’ll notice your skin and hair looking worse (22). Lack of glutathione directly impacts aging at a cellular level causing DNA damage and “rusting” of cells (23). But when your low levels of glutathione are replenished you’ll reignite your cells back to a youthful strength (24).

Glutathione can also reverse aging by lowering your levels of inflammation (25). But the problem is that both inflammation and stress can deplete your natural youthful levels of glutathione. So the only real way to reap the anti-aging benefits of glutathione is to supplement it. And don’t be surprised if you drop a few pounds by taking glutathione as it’s been found to enhance your fat-burning metabolism (how much fat your body burns for energy) (26).

Sensoril® (ashwagandha)

Ashwagandha has been used for over 3,000 years as a natural stress reliever and to fight various health problems (27). Many modern studies are finding it to have a strong effect on lowering stress and anxiety (28).

Chronic stress can cause your body to release cortisol which leads to faster aging and an increase in belly fat (29,30). Studies have found ashwagandha to naturally lower your levels of this stress hormone cortisol by stopping it from its aging effects (31). And with so many stressors there are today you’ll greatly benefit from smoother skin by eliminating it.

BioTrust Ageless Body uses the best form of ashwagandha available. It’s a unique blend from the leaves and roots of the ashwagandha plant to achieve top potency.

Coenzyme Q10 & Vitamin C

The final ingredients in Ageless Body are CoQ10 and vitamin C. Studies have found CoQ10 to lower many signs of aging in your skin like wrinkles and fine lines (32). It also has been found to aid your body in producing more collagen and elastin (33). Researchers have found CoQ10 to improve skin smoothness, skin plumpness, and even lower the number of wrinkles on your eyes (34).

One of the reasons you have great skin in your youth is from your mitochondria. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of your cells and taking CoQ10 can allow them to make more energy for your skin cells (35). But as you age your skin cells start using a non-mitochondrial pathway that contributes to the breaking down of your skin structure (36). So by taking CoQ10 you’ll be able to reenergize your mitochondria while lowering other aging factors such as inflammation.

Everybody on the planet has taken vitamin C in their life but not all vitamin C supplements are very absorbable. Ageless Body uses a highly absorbable form of vitamin C called magnesium ascorbate. This way you’ll be getting all of your needed intake of this necessary antioxidant vitamin C. And vitamin C plays a crucial role in the health of your skin (37).

Cons of Ageless Body


There isn’t much not to like about Ageless Body except that you can’t find it in your local stores. So you can’t drive down to pick it up and you’re going to have to wait for it to be shipped to your house. It’s also not the cheapest supplement on the planet but this is to be expected given the high quality and potency of its ingredients. But you can pick up multiple bottles from their site at a discount. And they have a great return policy if you’re not satisfied.

So Is It Worth It?

is it worth it

Overall I feel like Ageless Body more than worth it especially the older you feel you’re getting. It’s impressive seeing an improvement in your skin and energy even after a few weeks of taking it. It’s making not only my skin look smoother by clearing out a lot of my wrinkles. Plus it’s always great to see your hair looking better. And the energy you get from taking it will keep you going all day.

How to maximize your results to fight aging…

Ageless Body uses a powerful science-backed formulation to reverse the signs of aging from inflammation and stress. These are two of the biggest causes of faster aging. But I’d also check out their Ageless Multi-Collagen to replenish your lost collagen production. Supplementing with collagen has been found to quickly show improvements in your skin and hair. Lastly, I’d try taking their topical serum Ageless Glow if you want to firm up wrinkles and sagging skin.

Where do you get BioTrust Ageless Body?

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