Afterburn Training (Speeds Your Metabolism)

Most people working out for fat loss really don’t have a clue of what they should be doing, and they surely don’t know how to do an afterburn effect workout.  Sure, they probably have read the latest issue of Muscle & Fitness and have watched what their local gyms personal trainer is doing when they workout…but 97% are just going through the same old routine that’s taking them nowhere fast.

High intensity exercise is an absolute must if you’re trying to burn fat fast and the best part is you only have to do it for a short duration.  Jogging on a treadmill and doing bicep curls all day are just going to slow your metabolism down to a snail pace.

There are two keys for high intensity exercise in any effective fat loss program: interval training and metabolic resistance training.

First, I’m going to break down interval training really fast…

So high intensity interval training is basically a way of doing cardio which involves going at a super high pace for a while then going back to a normal pace for a while so you can recover, and then repeating.

These “sprint” sessions generally last for around 20 minute workout and the simplest way I recommend my clients is to do 1-minute of high intensity at around a “Level 9” pace and then drop down to a “Level 4” pace for another minute before repeating.

Here’s some proof that interval training will speed up your metabolism:

In a research study they compared two groups looking lose fat.  One group performed 20 weeks of steady-state endurance training while the other group did 15 weeks of high intensity interval training.

And the winner?

They found that although the endurance training group burned more total calories per workout, the interval training group actually lost 9x’s as much body fat!  That’s 900% more!

If you’re looking to get the biggest bank for you buck and burn fat fast then interval training is the obvious winner.  Wondering why?

It’s all really because of a little something called afterburn training which has been proven to speed your metabolism.

Alwyn Cosgrove is really the fitness trainer who brought afterburn training into the limelight.  I remember him sharing this research study that really uncovered the whole principle behind afterburn workout routines.

38 Hour Metabolism Boost with An Afterburn Workout?

In this study they looked at a group doing metabolic resistance training in a circuit style training program for 30 minutes and found they had sped up their metabolism for 38 hours post-workout giving them all a colossal afterburn effect.

So let’s say you do your metabolic resistance training workout on Monday at 8am, you’ll still be burning fat by the time you eat dinner the next night.  Now that’s pretty darn crazy.

And I’m a big advocate for getting your nutrition down but I’m also all for doing the right kind of exercise to also speed up your metabolism.

In another study they found that those who added these afterburn workout routines to their reduced calorie nutrition plan lost up to 44% more fat than those who just did the dieting part.  Getting your nutrition down is still going to give you 70% of your results but adding in a afterburn training program will rise you above the masses.

Are You Experiencing The Benefits Of An Afterburn Workout?

Doing an afterburn workout causes a “metabolic disturbance” in your body and causes your system to work really hard for a long period of time (38 hours) to bring itself back to its normal state.  And while it’s trying to recover from your afterburn workout, you’re also going to reap the fat burning benefits from it.

Ask yourself if you’d like to burn 900% more fat in half the time, speed up your metabolism for 38 hours AFTER your workout and also lose 44% more fat just from adding in an afterburn training program into your kickass diet plan.

Are you taking your fat loss results to another level with afterburn training?

Let me know by leaving a comment below…

Talk to you soon down below in the comments and start doing an afterburn workout next time you train!