How to Lift 500 Pounds

Today I did something I’ve never done before.

I deadlifted 500 pounds.

I’m not saying this to brag, but to share with you how I did it.

For the longest time I was stuck around 400-450 pounds, and just couldn’t make the leap to 500 pounds. Something was holding me back, and I’m pretty sure it was in between my ears.

Just seeing those 5-45 pound plates on the bar hit me to my core. Most people don’t know that I’ve had a lot of back problems that have kept me sidelined for months at a time.

I would hurt my back so bad (usually from weightlifting) that I couldn’t even bend down to pick something up off the floor. I would have to lay in bed most of the day, and it was a struggle just to walk up and down the stairs.

The past couple years my back has been a lot better, but I need to keep doing my mobility work or else my back will start to get “tight” again in a matter of days.

By the way; if you want me to create a post on how to fix your back pain let me know…

Anyway, my history of back pain is always in the back of my head when I’m working out. In fact, to the point it affects my mindset when I’m in the gym. It’s something that’s been holding me back from reaching my full potential.

But today I had a breakthrough.

I started getting very very nervous as I stared down at the 500 pounds laying before me. I could feel my back start to ache just looking at it, and I could see myself laying in bed for a month if things went wrong.

Then I decided enough was enough. Instead of pussyfooting around it I started to visualize myself lifting the 500 pounds like I was Superman. Might sound silly but it actually worked.

After about a minute of visualizing myself lifting the weight up in the theater of my mind I was able to lift it not once, but TWICE!

You can see the video on my Instagram account:

500 pound deadlift

I was beyond ecstatic. I knew the visualizing was key to my confidence. Instead of focusing on seeing myself failing and breaking my back, I instead chose to focus on myself succeeding.

The thing about the mind is that it can’t tell apart what’s imaginary and what’s real. This is why when you’re dreaming everything seems absolutely real at the moment.

Those who have figured this out use it to their advantage. Unfortunately, way too many of us constantly think about negative things, and only imagine the absolute worst things happening to us.

The trick is flush away all the B.S. your mind keeps telling you and focus on what you really want to succeed at. The mind will then be convinced it’s true. Then it’ll be up to you to put those positive thoughts into action.

It won’t come easy at first. It’ll take a while to get rid of years of bad programming, but keep working on getting better every day. It’s a struggle for me everyday, but it’s worth fighting for.