Belly Fat Burning Exercises

belly fat burning exercisesI was getting bored with my traditional workouts lately so I thought it would be a fun idea to mix things up with these belly fat burning exercises.  Most of the time you’ll do fine with just a pair of dumbbells or your bodyweight for your fat burning workouts but to be honest with you sometimes you have to spice things up a little bit.

I like using some fitness toys and gadgets in my workouts not just because it adds a little flavor to my workouts but because when use correctly they’ll also enhance my workouts as well.  Picking up a few pieces of fitness equipment here and there have gradually accumulated for me and now I have a giant gym bag filled with goodies.

The enemy when it comes to training programs is monotony because doing the same thing over and over again will not only stagger your results but will also leave you dreading your boring workout.  So it’s going to be imperative to constantly evolve and progress your workouts not only for your rapid fat loss results but also just to keep up your adherence to your training program.

Mixing It Up With These Belly Fat Burning Exercisessuperbands

With these 5 Killer Belly Fat Burning Exercises I thought it would be fun to do some of these movements with the SuperBand and I always carry these babies with me when I travel and in my gym bag.  They don’t weigh very much at all and they’re obviously easily collapsable so they can fit in any nook and cranny without breaking your back.

There are different resistance for the SuperBands and if you’re female or just beginning I would recommend the 1/2″ band to start and for men I would recommend the 1″ band.  Even though it doesn’t look too difficult these resistance bands can be a pain in the butt because they add constant resistance throughout the movement unlike dumbbells.

Buying a couple of these SuperBands will be a cheap investment in your health and I’ve always found that they add some color to my boot campers workouts as well as my own.  I even have the biggest SuperBand they have and I do some crazy exercises with them such as Pitbulls and Band Rotations but those are for another workout video.

I also set some progressions depending on your fitness level for these belly fat burning exercises by popular request.  So now if you’re a beginner you can use the beginner’s pace and of course if you’re more advance you can do the “butt-kicker” time sets.

5 Killer Belly Fat Burning Exercises

The Belly Fat Burning Exercises List

1.  Goblet Squats

2. Body Saw > Pikes

3. Band Resisted Burpees

4. Band Resisted Mountain Climbers

5. Split Squat Band Presses

Enjoy these belly fat burning exercises and I hope they kick your butt!