Dark Side of Fat Loss Review

dark-side-of-fat-loss-reviewIn this Dark Side of Fat Loss review I’m going to share with you my personal thoughts on the program created by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.  If you’re unaware who Croxton he’s a CHEK Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach as well as a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist.  I first came across Croxton on YouTube and I was immediately impressed with both his passion and knowledge for an underground approach to a healthy lifestyle.

I personally purchased the Dark Side of Fat Loss when it was first released and after pouring over every piece of information I can honestly tell you this is one of, if not the most complete, nutrition packages I’ve seen being released on the internet.  The thing I really love about the book is that Croxton writes likes he’s talking with his best friend and even though there are a few “big” words in the book he explains it so even a 10 year old can comprehend it.

I’ve read a lot of health books in my day and I’ll be honest when I tell you the majority of them stand on a podium and talk down to the reader but with the Dark Side of Fat Loss I found this clearly wasn’t the case.  The book starts off with Croxton discussing how everything he learned in college was totally WRONG and after a long time of frustratingly disappointing results with his clients he finally decided to find an alternative route to fat loss.

Conventional theories on fat loss such as calories in equals calories out and slow-go cardio turned out to be complete B.S. and I will agree with that 100%.  Starving your body while jogging on the treadmill for an hour today isn’t going to produce the results you’re looking for if you’re goal is fat loss.  In fact, I consider it to be a borderline torture!

My 100% Honest Dark Side of Fat Loss Review

Croxton even admits that his own diet and exercise lifestyles were getting out of control.  Even though he was following the so-called health experts advice he was depressed, angry and severely lacked energy.

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for anytime I’m sure you’ll know that I’m totally against the whole calories in calories out garbage.  Even if you lose some weight from starving yourself on a 1,000 calorie a day diet you won’t be able to keep it up for long term and most people end up right back where they started or even worse they end up gaining a few pounds.

I wanted to make it clear in this Dark Side of Fat Loss review that it isn’t the amount of calories you’re taking in that’s necessarily the problem but the kinds of calories that makes all the difference.  You see different food are going to cause different hormonal responses from your body and this is what makes a huge difference in why some people burn fat and others gain fat.

Diet Components for this Dark Side of Fat Loss Review

In the Dark Side of Fat Loss the author is a adamant supporter of the caveman diet and simply tells you that if the food you’re eating wasn’t around 10,000 years ago then don’t eat it!  Other simple nutrition instructions include if you can’t pronounce an ingredient then don’t eat it and if it comes in a box or bag then don’t eat it.

But don’t think the Dark Side of Fat Loss is just going to leave you hanging there because they’re also including the Dark Side of Fat Loss Cookbook which includes a ton of recipes as well as instructional videos on how to cook most of them.  I know that I’m no wizard in the kitchen so the Cookbook actually turned out to be one of the most important components of the Dark Side of Fat Loss.

In addition to the in depth nutritional information Croxton also digs a little deeper at some of the other causes of why we put on fat and can’t seem to get it off.  Many of these reasons are also why we can’t sleep well at night, have digestive issues and are stressed out of our mines.  He introduces a lot of concepts that will have you not only burning more fat but living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Workout Manual for this Dark Side of Fat Loss review

And in case you were wondering I also wanted to mention in this Dark Side of Fat Loss review that there is a workout manual that’s also available that was created by Brett Klika.  Once you purchase the  Dark Side of Fat Loss you’ll be given a special opportunity to pick it up.  Klika has years and years of training experience behind him and he’s on the presenters circuit for personal training conventions as well as being nominated for personal trainer of the year.

I would recommend picking up the workout manual in addition to the Dark Side of Fat Loss because even though you’ll burn a ton of fat just by doing the nutrition program you’l take it up to another level with the easy to follow and practically done for you workout training manual.

Overall I’ve found the Dark Side of Fat Loss to be a fresh a breath air when it comes to fat loss and goes against what most of the media has wrongly been imprinting into our minds for decades about nutrition and exercise.  I had a great time reading both manuals for this Dark Side of Fat Loss review and I hope it’s given you some clarity if this program is for you.