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My name is Josh Schlottman and welcome to my fitness blog.  I’ve been personal training for near a decade now and I’ve seen so much garbage supplements out there that people waste their hard-earned money on that it makes me sick.

It’s a tragedy when you really think about it.  Here you are at the gym working your butt off to get some great results and your not sure which supplements to take to enhance your process.

But then you spend a fat chunk of your paycheck on some watered down supplement that doesn’t even do anything except maybe give you the “placebo effect.”

Most people listen to their local personal trainer who might have a certification or they’ll even listen to the gym rat who seems to know everything about training (and he always claims to be right).

It’s a mess and if you’re using any supplements now or planning to then you’ll definitely need to hear everything I’m about to share with you about taking supplements.  Yes, it’s that important.

Since I was 16 years old I’ve wanted to discover everything there was to know about building the perfect body and with that came which supplements to take to do it.  I only wish I had knew about Prograde Supplements when I first started training because I would have saved a lot of time and a lot of money.

When I first started working out I had made some nice gains but I kept wanting to take things to the next level and really take advantage of all the hard work that I was putting in at the gym.  Steroids or any of that illegal junk was never an option for me so like most people I just went to the local supplement shop and started asking questions.

The guy working at the supplement store looked like he was a pro bodybuilder and weighed at least 250 pounds.  Although I wanted to build some lean muscle I sure as heck didn’t want to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.  So I was confused when he started throwing all of these hardcore muscle gaining supplements into my hands.

I quickly left the shop and after too many of my friends failed supplement recommendations I quickly decided if I’m going to find the best supplements I’m going to have to do it on my own.  So I jumped on my computer and started doing searches for the best supplements out there for reaching the goals that I wanted.

And there was BOATLOADS of supplements out there that claimed to be the latest and the greatest.  Their claims were so huge that they became ludicris and I also realized that you don’t need to have any research done to actually prove that your supplements actually work.  This was nutz.  Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about…

After watching that video it’s pretty scary thinking that 99% of the stuff out there is absolute garbage.  I realized that I wasn’t going to buy another supplements unless it was scientifically backed with research.  With all the B.S. supplements out there I wasn’t going to waste another dollar unless it was the real deal.

I scoured the internet for a while until I came across Prograde supplements.  I was skeptical at first like I am with all of these supplement  companies but as I dug deeper into the company I realized that they made quality products.  First off they had a Registered Dietician (RD) leading their program and the best part about RD’s that they’ve graduated with a degree in their field, they’ve done an internship and completed an exam by the American Dietetic Association.

Another huge reason why I’ve decided to become a Prograde partner is because everything they make is a high quality product.  They’re not using illegal day laborers to make their supplements and all of their products are backed by scientific research.  It’s come to the point that I’ve recommended their products to my clients and I don’t just throw stuff out there to people who trust me.  I have to try it first and it has to be backed by science or else I’ll never recommend it.

Incredible Features to Know About – Prograde Nutrition Review

  • Prograde uses only the highest quality ingredients for their products.  They’re not filling up their containers with flour and hoping you’ll see a placebo effect.  Their not cheap with their ingredients and they’ll willing to spend a few extra bucks to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality product on the market.
  • Scientifically backed researched is what drives Prograde supplements.  No more wishy-washy nutrition products to waste your money on, this products work and they’re coming from a reliable company.
  • They offer a 100% 60-day unconditional money back guarantee.  So you can try it out, even do your own research and if you still don’t like it then you can return it without any hassles or probing questions.  That says a lot about a nutrition company that they’re willing to take ALL the risk.
  • They’re program is run by a Registered Dietician.  Jayson Hunter, RD is one of the leading dieticians in the world and while most supplement companies are led by some juiced up bodybuilder, he has the experience and knowledge to lead a great nutrition company.  He’s also willing to use only the highest quality ingredients and use only science to back his products.
  • Prograde tastes great too.  If you’ve ever had any product that tasted absolutely terrible then you’ll be surprised with how good Prograde stuff tastes.  I have a bad gag reflex and it’s a battle to get those nasty tasting supplements down but with Prograde it’s not a problem.

Prograde nutrition products turned out to be a great investment and I’m proud to be their partner.  They’ve allowed me to rise above my old fitness sticking points and I’m fortunate enough to finally be able to recommend a quality nutrition product to my clients.

But to be honest Prograde isn’t for everybody.  Their prices aren’t the cheapest on the internet and if you’re looking for the lowest prices then you might want to check out something else.  But if you’re looking for a high quality product that actually works then investing your health in Prograde will turn out to be a great idea.

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I hope you enjoyed my Prograde review…

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