The Ultimate Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout Part 2

Hey! This is the second part in the Ultimate Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout series, stay tuned for part 3 coming next week. This is a great workout that will get your heart rate moving & the calories burning! The kettlebell is an awesome tool to use & I highly recommend you use them for your …

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Athletic Aesthetics: Bosu Core & Cardio Workout

I’m really excited because today I released the first video of my Athletic Aesthetics training program. It combines athletic movements with weight loss. In these workouts you’re going to lose fat while getting the athletes body. The Athletic Aesthetics workouts have been designed to be more fun then the cookie-cutter fitness programs you see out …

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Incline Kettlebell SuperBand Press

Decided I’d share a great new exercise with everybody!  A lot of fun but BE CAREFUL!  This exercise should be used with caution the first couple of times because you’re body will definitely not be used to it!  Through this into your workout & have some fun!  Just another great video from Napa’s #1 Personal …

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The Toned Arms Blast From Hell!

Hey! Brand spanking new video on How To get Toned Arms! If you’re tired of having flabby and arms a little on the bigger side then you’re problems are solved. Really simple and will only take a few minutes, guaranteed! You only have to do it a couple times a week! Even if you’re a …

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The Ultimate TRX Workout

Hey! Filmed a new video on the TRX! The TRX is a fantastic piece of exercise equipment & can be used almost anywhere. You don’t have to carry around heavy-azz dumbbells when you travel or just want a workout at home. Watch the video and then click on the link below to see it in …

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Trainer Josh fixes Low Back Pain: Hip Bridge Progressions

Hey Everybody, They say 80% of people will experience some lower back pain in their lives. I for sure know I have, there was a point when I couldn’t even bend down to pick something up off the floor. If you read my article The Most Critical Exercise to Cure Lower Back Pain you’ll see how …

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Real World Exercise Fat Loss

Hey All! Welcome to part 2 of my real world fat loss, this time we’re focusing more on the exercise part. Be sure to take out a pen & paper for some notetaking. Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to help anyone out!