Why Sugar is Making You Fat and Ugly

If you’ve been following me for some time now you’ll know that I’m really against sugar…but I’m going to come right out and say that if you stop eating sugar then you’ll lose significantly more fat than you are right now.

You can eat healthy as a horse, work out like a maniac but if you’ve got a sweet tooth than you won’t achieve the results you want and you’ll also be unhealthy and more susceptible for health problems.

But I know cutting out sugar can be one of the hardest things that may come with training especially when it comes time to have a cheat meal and all you can think about is slamming the most sugary thing in front of you.

If you can gradually start getting rid of the sugar intake than you’ll lose fat. PERIOD.

You’ll also find yourself with more energy and feeling better than you ever have before.

Try taking a 21 day sugar detox where you’ll take in absolutely no sugar during that time and see how you feel and see how you look after those 21 days are up. I guarantee you’ll be feeling 10x’s better and looking way sexier.

I’m a big fan of Dr. Mercola and what he has to say on nutrition and I wanted to share a little video he has that will change the way you look at sugar. And if it doesn’t change the way you look at it the first time than keep watching it until it does!


Pretty gross right?

Well that’s the way you really have to look at it. When we think of sugar we think it’s this magical unicorn that tastes sweet and makes us feel good.

But with the amount of sugar we’re taking in today we’re doing more damage than good.

When people say that I make them feel bad about eating sugar than I tell them I don’t feel bad at all. To me it’s like somebody lighting up a cigarette right in front of me.

Here’s a more scientific video that gives us details on why sugar is make us fat…

Try to watch all the videos in the series as it will change the way you eat and take care of your body.

Another thing I want to get off my chest is the amount of sugar that is in everyday products that we take in half-hazardly.

Vitamin water & Gatorade both have a ton of sugar in them & I personally don’t recommend them to anybody. In fact, we should only be drinking beverages that have ZERO calories in them (water, green tea, etc.)

The average American consumes 156 pounds of sugar every year and this is one of the biggest reasons why American’s are so overweight and unhealthy. Please take care of yourself and if you really want to look your best than cut out the sugar.

Please share any of your stories or experiences with sugar or what you’ve gotten out of this blog post…