The Gut Busting Breakfast Your Grandma Ate

This is truly the best breakfast you can eat to burn bellyfat while also boosting your energy levels for the rest of the day.

Unless you’re into intermittent fasting (which after a lot of experimenting I do NOT think is a long term solution) then your body is like a dried up sponge in the morning begging you to give it the goods.

The other side of the coin are those who do eat breakfast but it’s the kind of breakfast that’s going to make them GAIN fat instead of burning it.

These fat storing breakfasts usually include cereal, bagels, granola, oatmeal, donuts, cronuts and my personal Cheat Day favorite are waffles with strawberries on top.

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These foods shouldn’t be a part of your breakfast because they’ll cause your blood sugar levels to spike sky high. And you know that once your blood sugar goes up like that it’ll set off a chain reaction of fat storing hormonal releases in your body.

These hormones effectively tell your body to store fat, burn away your muscle while stealing all the energy from your body.

By the way, I’m not against including steel cut oatmeal in your diet if you’re training hard and consistently. But I would NOT recommend it for your first meal of the day. Instead do it Kardashian style and eat it for a quick brunch.

So what’s the best thing you can eat to burn fat for breakfast?

Protein + Fat!

Now you don’t have to dump a scoop of protein powder into your mouth but my preferred meal of choice is bacon and eggs.

breakfast weight loss

I scramble up 4 pastured eggs with some spinach and peppers to go with my 3 slices of nitrate free bacon. I also grab a handful of almonds or some other nut of the day.

The reason I eat this is because it’s going to provide me with a good amount of protein as well as some fats that will keep my blood sugar from going higher than Snoop Dogg on a trip to Jamaica.

I’m always mixing things up like I’ll substitute the bacon for some ground buffalo or some leftover steak I ate for dinner last night. But the key is to eat a meal that is a combination of protein + fats.

It literally only takes me 15 minutes to make it and it tastes absolutely dee-licious if I don’t say so myself.

Even your Grandma knew the right answer to “are eggs healthy” and it was an outstanding yes.

So toss out your box of Lucky Charms and save your pancakes for your Cheat Day to get the best fat burning breakfast you can get.