Take THIS 1 Thing to Eliminate Anxiety

Have you ever had bouts of anxiety or know somebody who has?

It’s a very debilitating disease that is the most common mental illness in the United States.

Over 40 million Americans suffer from it which equates to about 18% of the population.

We’ve known for a while now the stress and anxiety you’re already carrying around in your brain can cause an upset stomach, but lately research has been uncovering the health of your gut also affects your psychiatric health.

gut health anxiety

What’s in your Gut?

There are over 5 pounds of bacteria in your gut and even though that sounds kinda gross it’s actually a good thing.

It’s a delicate balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria, both of which are needed.

With typical Western diets that are high in processed foods and processed fats it’s easy for this bacterial balance to be thrown out of whack.

Serotonin is also produced from gut bacteria, and it has a profound affect on your disposition.

High levels of serotonin can cause a cheerful disposition while low levels can cause depression, as well as low tolerance to withstand everyday stress.

No wonder most antidepressants raise serotonin levels in your brain!

If you’re having trouble with anxiety then check out CBD oil. It’s been found to help reduce anxiety too.

Your Diet is your Gut

A diet that’s high in vegetables and fiber will be greatly more beneficial for the health of your gut than the typical Westerner diet made up of processed foods.

Artificial sweeteners have also been linked to depression and panic attacks. Even though most people think these are a healthier option because they’re marketed as zero calories they actually cause just as much harm as processed sugar does.

Eradicating wheat and grains from your diet will also improve your gut health. The more I research about grains and my own personal experience both tell me we really shouldn’t have a spot in our diets for them.

Also get rid of all the sugar in your diet whiling focusing on eating more fermented unpasteurized foods.

It’s not too late…

Athletic Greens is my supplement of choice to help improve my gut health because it’s not only loaded with probiotics but it also contains digestive enzymes to help to properly breakdown the foods coming into your gut.

Not to mention Athletic Greens also is my “Nutritional Insurance” and view it as the ultimate multi-vitamin to cover any nutritional deficiencies I may have.

You can learn more about Athletic Greens here

In closing…

Even though the health of our guts can greatly influence our happiness it’s also important for us to take care of our minds.

Take the time to take care of yourself mentally by meditating, yoga and even surrounding yourself with a support group.

If things are really bad then I’d recommend finding a good therapist to help solve the anxiety being generated in your brain.

Take a look at my article on the best probiotics for men to help with weight loss too.

But with all the recent studies being published on the importance of a healthy gut we must now acknowledge that it’s a two way street and just by taking a probiotic and eating a proper diet can drastically reduce anxiety.



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