Fast Food Fat Loss: In-N-Out Burger

Hey Everyone,

Today I decided to do something a little crazy and against what a lot of the fitness and health “gurus” out there.

I’m telling you what you need to eat when you decide to eat fast food.

Now I of course don’t recommend eating fast food at all but I’m also practical and understand that we all can’t eat healthy all the time.

So I wanted to create a series of posts that will serve as “damage control” for when you can’t eat something healthy and gotta go with fast food.

And I’m far from perfect and even I have to grab fast food every now and again.  But this doesn’t mean you get to slam down a double whopper with cheese.

In fact, fast food should be seldomly used and your fat loss results will suffer greatly if you keep eating it consistently.

Fast food should be a once-in-a-while cheat meal or if you’re out with your friends and need to eat something fast.

In this first episode of Fast Food Fat Loss I’m going to In-N-Out Burger which is a popular burger chain here in California.  I’m not sure if they’ve branched out farther than that but it’s one of the few places I don’t mind going when I’m in a bind.

What I got was an “off the menu” item that’s not listed on the main menu.  I ordered 2 hamburgers “protein style.”

Protein style basically means they take off the bun and replace it with some lettuce.  Still tastes good but without the carb rich buns.

Total nutritional value for this meal?

480 calories. 26g of protein, 34g of fat. 22g of carbohydrates.

Far from great but better than what a lot of people are ordering.

If you like my fast food fat loss series and have any suggestions on places to visit please leave a comment below.

Thanks and talk soon!