Does Coffee Make You Fat?

I’m here today to make a statement to all those curious to find out the answer to the age-old question, “Does coffee make you fat?” There has a been a huge stigmatism that is associated with drinking coffee and I’m going to give you everything you need to know about this controversial beverage.

First things first, there is a huge difference between drinking a couple of cups of organic brewed coffee and the typical kinds of crazy concoctions most people leave Starbucks with. The truth is there are a ton of health benefits to coffee but those benefits can quickly go right out the window when people start filling it with garbage.

Yep I hate to break the bad news but a “venti caramel frappuccino with whip” from Starbucks is not going to improve your health and this is the kind of “coffee” that is going to make you fat. It really disturbs me to see people order these crazy kinds of drinks all the time and it’s no wonder obesity rates are on the rise.

But on the other side there is the good ol’ fashioned cup a Joe that I personally like to drink just about every day. You can usually find me at Starbucks every morning ordering an iced grande coffee black (pretty soon I’m going to break down and buy my own coffee machine but until then I’ll gladly give them my $3).

Why Coffee Doesn’t Make You Fat

The high amount of antioxidants in coffee are going to give you loads of health benefits as they neutralize the damage causing free radicals that cause inflammation in your body. Another health benefit to coffee that will keep the fat off you is it will improve your cell’s sensitivity to insulin. A recent study also found those who drank coffee actually prevented their risk of diabetes by 7% with every cup of coffee they drank.

I’m so convinced the antioxidants in coffee are so powerful I’ve recently started supplementing them into my diet (along with a ton of other antioxidants) with Prograde Longevity. Click here to find out more on how to feel better and live longer.

does coffee make you fat

Besides boosting your metabolism some of the other awesome health benefits drinking coffee can give you include reducing chronic inflammation, cancer prevention, Alzheimer’s disease prevention, Parkinson’s disease prevention and it’ll also give you a better mood. If you’re trying to lose fat than it’ll help that coffee reduces inflammation because you’ll also appear “less puffy” than if you were in state of constant inflammation.

Does Coffee Make You Gain Weight…Um No.

Some old school cats complain coffee can increase your heart rate and blood pressure, but they should also know these symptoms are also very temporary. Both your heart rate and blood pressure should return to normal once the caffeine in the coffee has been metabolized. In fact, there have been more recent long-term studies on coffee consumption that found no correlation between drinking it and cardiovascular disease.

Even athletes have found it to help improve their strength, athletic performance and work capacity. A study by the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found the group who consumed 4mg per kg of bodyweight prior to training saw significantly higher strength gains than the placebo group. This is also another reason why coffee can help you burn fat as you’re able to have more strength in your workout you will therefore train harder and get better results.

Coffee Burns Belly Fat…But Only If

For the most part I would recommend just about everybody to drink coffee on a regular basis and you should never worry about it making you fat unless your loading it up with a bunch of junk. Stay away from the obvious sugary sweeteners, artificial sweeteners and pasteurized cream. If you’re very sensitive to caffeine than you can drink decaf but you should also know that there is some speculation that the decaffeinating process actually leaves a chemical residue behind, but there have been no studies that have backed this claim.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker I’d recommend taking a look at these 3 simple tricks to make coffee super-healthy as well.

whatchu talkin bout

So the next time your friend asks, “Does coffee make you fat?” you’ll be in the right to slap them across the face and say in your best Gary Coleman impression…”What you talking ‘bout?”

As you can see coffee and weight loss go together quite well as long as you’re doing it right.