3 Top Secret Natural Fat Loss Supplements

The weekend is before us and I don’t know about you but I’ve been craving a cheat meal this week.  Since I’m eating healthy and staying within my “nutrition rules” I’m allowed to cheat on my meals 10% of the time.

It’s tough to eat right 90% of the time so one of the tricks I like to use is to take protein shakes such as the ones in my Prograde reviews whenever I start feeling hungry so I don’t hit the “point of total starvation”

So I eat around 5 meals a day, 3 hours apart, and so that leaves me with about 4 cheat meals a week.  A lot of people think I’m super hardcore with the meals but I crave the bad stuff just as much as the next person.  The trick is having self-control, being prepared and having something to look forward to.

As long as you have 90% compliance you’re still getting an A grade and this is enough to allow the body to transform without driving yourself crazy doing it.

But sometimes we want to take things to the next level…

If you want to lose weight then you’ll know there’s so many products out there on the market that it’s practically insanity to try and make up your mind which one’s actually work.

And on top of that you have no idea of what you’re putting into your body is healthy for you or not.

Natural fat loss is really the way to go and it’s a lot easier than most people think.  You don’t have to have a bunch of crazy hormones or chemicals pumping through your veins to increase your metabolism.

There are lots of natural alternative to help you burn fat and they’re more easily accessible than you think.

The key is to not depend on only one method of increasing your fat loss, to increase your rate of success it’s vital to have a bunch of poles in the water.

When you do this even if one thing shouldn’t work for you, you’ll still be getting the benefits of all the other stuff.

So you should be eating consistently right, doing metabolic resistance training workouts, doing HIIT instead of cardio, taking fish oil, and also taking in the right natural “supplements.”

So without further ado, here are my 3 secret natural fat loss weapons…

#1 Caffeine

A scientifically based study found that those who took in 50mg of caffeine (roughly the amount in half a cup of coffee) saw a 6% increase in their metabolic rate…meaning their metabolism increased that much and they burned that much fat.  The problem with a lot of people who take in caffeine is that they start pounding crazy energy drinks or weird grande frappacinos from Starbucks loaded with sugars and other bad stuff.  Take in your caffeine from either black coffee, green tea or a yerba mate based supplement.

#2 Green Tea

A research study found that those who took green tea extract actually increased their metabolism by 3.5% for a full 24 hour period.  This is pretty impressive considering most things that increase your metabolism (such as red hot chili peppers) usually only lasts around 30 minutes or so.  But the good ole’ epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is what scientists believe is responsible for the fat burning effect.  But be sure to take the extract as you’ll have to drink heck of a lot of green tea to get the same effect.

#3  Cinnamon

Cinnamon you say?  Yep cinnamon is one of the few “taste sweeteners” that I recommend to people so they can spice up there foods and beverages.  Along with lowering blood pressure it has also been proven to burn off body fat when taken in high doses.  So if you want to really get your metabolic rate going then you’ll want to take some cinnamon extract unless you want to down a tablespoon of cinnamon everyday.

So even though all of these don’t “significantly” increase your metabolism, when you combine them all together they should help you add more poles in the water.  And the more poles you have the more results you’re going to get.  So next time you’re drinking coffee opt for some cinnamon instead of the sugar packs.

You can learn more about using cinnamon for weight loss with my newer blog post here.

If you’re not interested in buying all the different extracts for these you might want to take a look at one of my favorite supplements for fat loss, Prograde Metabolism.

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