Motivational Videos for a Successful Fitness Mindset

Motivational Videos for a Successful Fitness Mindset…by Josh Schlottman

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

In today’s blog post I’m not going to give you any direct fat loss or muscle building tips and instead I’m going to focus on the mindset it takes to achieve success.  I can give you all the secrets and strategies I’ve learned to lose fat fast but it’s not going to do any good if you don’t take action on them.

A lot of people know everything they have to do to have a kick-ass body must still don’t have what it takes to get out of their funk and do something about it.  Taking action and knowing what to do are two totally different things and I’m going to break them down right now.

Most of us want to be successful but 97% of people don’t want to go through the pain it takes to get there.  It’s not easy losing weight right away and most people would rather stay up late watching Snooki on the Jersey Shore while eating ice cream than get a good nights sleep, work out the next morning and eat healthy throughout the day.  It’s just how things are.

And most people start off with a great goal of losing 30 pounds but they eventually after 2 weeks find out that it’s a lot harder than it sounded when they started.  Motivation starts wearing off and they’re happy with the 5 pounds that they ended up losing and they’ll “settle” there.

Settling is probably the worst mindsets that anyone can have because it tells them that it’s acceptable to not reach your goals and take the easy way out.  That’s why you’ll see only around 3% of people who are successful, rich and happy.  While the 97% of the rest of the world is miserable, broke, complains all day about the economy, talks trash about other people and are unhappy.

Motivation is something that will not go on forever, in fact it’s something that you’re going to have to work on every day.  I know every morning I start off with my meditation and listening to motivational stuff.  This really helps me start my day off positive and gets me going to have a positive mindset and just start taking action on things to get them done.

Slap yourself if you ever find yourself complaining and if you don’t like something then change it.  The one pet peeve I have is hearing somebody complain all the time about something and then they will do nothing about it…it just drives them crazy and it annoys everybody else.

I wanted to share this super motivational video with you today and it really got me going…

And here’s another one from the man himself John Wooden who recently passed away and another giant in the industry, Anthony Robbins.  Both of these guys are two of my heroes and I know it’ll inspire you to be your best today and the rest after.

“It’s not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.” – John Wooden

So start taking action today, stop complaining and do something about it.

See you at the top,


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