5 Ways To Get Back On Your Belly Fat Plan

Your Belly Fat Plan Comeback…

Another big holiday has come and gone and it sounds like a lot of us had a little too much as we’ve strayed from our belly fat plan.  I know I was among them as I ate cheeseburgers and drank watermelon wheat beer until my hearts content!

Having a cheat day every once in a while isn’t going to be that big a deal but too much of the time people fall totally off the wagon and they have a rough time getting back on.  Usually the next day after I’ve had a cheat day I’m feeling pretty crappy just from all the bad food I’d eaten the day before so I immediately implement the following steps the day after.

I’ve found it to easily help me get back on my drop the belly fat plan so I can feel good again, lose that little chub I just put on and get my energy levels back up.  These are the 5 basic steps that I like to focus on the day after to detox my system from all the junk I’d eaten the day before.

5 Belly Fat Plan Action Steps

1.  Drink H20 To Watch The Fat Go!

Much of the bad food that we eat is packed with sodium and other junk that’s going to suck the water right out of our bodies.  Even allowing our bodies to become 3% dehydrated has shown to negatively effect our performance so making sure we’re drinking that water is going to be super duper important.  This will also help you detox a lot of the toxins and other junk you’ve put into your body the previous day so you can get back to your former healthy self.  Whatever you do stay away from drinking alcohol and other sugar packed drinks because they’ll only set you back.  A good rule of thumb to how much water you should be drinking a day is to take your body weight and divide it in half and that’s the minimum amount of fluid ounces you should be drinking every day.  So I weigh 200 lbs. so I should be drinking at least 100 fluid ounces.

2.  Greens, Greens and More Greens

When I was a little kid I really hated eating my green vegetables (what kid didn’t?) but as I’ve gotten older and realized how important they are to my health I’ve found them to taste quite good.  My favorite way to get my greens is to make a run down to my local Whole Foods to buy some spinach, broccoli, collard greens, kale and Swiss chard.  I load them all up into my handy dandy juicer and then I just drink it at a cup at at time.  I found this to be the most efficient way of getting in my greens especially since I’m on the move a lot of the time.  Consuming greens post-indulgence day is going to help raise those acidic pH levels that are starting to overtake your body from eating all the junk from the day before.  Many people don’t realize that foods such as hamburgers, pizza, coffee, processed foods etc. are very acidic and consuming these foods can change the pH levels of our bodies causing a downgrade in our bodily performances. If you have trouble eating your green veggies then check out the best greens supplement. Get some alkaline foods back in your body ASAP!

3.  Sweat The Fat Out

In addition to eating healthy the day after you’re also going to have to get the junk out of your body.  So to get back on your lose belly fat plan it’s going to be very important to help detox your body by sweating out all the toxins and fat from your body (you obviously can’t literally sweat out your fat but you know what I mean ;))  So plan to have a super intense workout the next day following your cheat day and you should have some more energy for it just from the huge influx of calories you had the previous day.  Grab some heavy weights and do a full body metabolic resistance training circuit and then finish it out with 10-20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training.  You should be sweating like a pig by the end of the workout!

4.  Cut Your Calories

I’m not a huge fan of counting calories and all that stuff but after having such a huge influx of calories the previous day it’s going to be good for your body not to keep that caloric intake up.  So the day after I’ve had a cheat day I usually always eat my meals until I’m 80% full and then no more.  This will ensure that I’m getting enough nutrients into my body but I’m not going to be filling my cup all the way.  There’s no doubt about that you can eat healthy as a horse but if you’re eating too much then you’re still going to pack on the fat.  So try to eat until you feel like you’re 80% full and then stop yourself from eating any more.  It’ll be a little bit of a challenge but it’ll be good for you body to do it following a binge day.

5.  Fiber It Up!

One of the staples in my personal belly fat plan is to make sure that I’m consuming enough fiber in my diet.  A lot of the time just consuming natural raw fruits and vegetables will be enough to do the trick but to add a little bit of an extra punch I’ll take some psyllium husk to take it up a notch.  I usually just throw it into make super shake and I can’t really taste it at all but it’s going to help clean out my digestive system.  Having a strong and clean digestive tract is going to be super critical for being belly fat free because it will also prevent you from eating TOO many calories because it’ll fill you up faster than eating regular foods.

Wrapping Up Your Belly Fat Plan

Those are my 5 ways to get back on your belly fat plan and you should know that it’s okay to take that cheat day every once in a while but make sure you put a stop to it before that day turns into multiple days and you fall completely off the wagon.  After having that cheat day make sure you put a lot of effort into getting back on your belly fat plan so you can quickly get back to being healthy and fit.  Because the longer you hold off on doing it the more difficult it’s going to be to get on your fit and healthy belly fat plan.