Ryan Reynolds Workout Plan And Diet To Get Action Star Ripped

If you look at some of the best bodies in Hollywood, action star Ryan Reynolds is easily going to rank as one of the top dogs.  I remember watching him back in his Van Wilder days when he was just another skinny guy with a pretty face, and look at him now.  By the time Blade Trinity came out Ryan Reynolds had completely transformed his body and he became one of the most ripped action stars in Hollywood.

He’s also has played a few other superheroes, Deadpool and also the Green Lantern.  In this post I’m going to break down Ryan Reynolds workout plan and diet that he used to transform his body from just an average skinny guy to adding 20 lbs. of muscle and became action star ripped.

Since Ryan Reynolds already had a naturally skinny body he had to set his workout plan for two different phases.  For the first phase he was going to have to add muscle mass and for the second phase he was going to have to lean out to get ripped.  This is a different approach from burning fat and gaining lean muscle at the same time but it will work nonetheless…but it’ll also take longer.

For the muscle building first phase Reynolds would lift much heavier weights with reps around 4-8 and would do more sets 5-6.  By doing this he definitely added a lot more muscle then he would have by trying to do both at the same time but by doing this he also wasn’t nearly as lean as he was going to be.

Ryan Reynolds workout plan for the second phase had him doing fewer sets around 3-4 but higher repetitions going for 10-15 without much rest in between sets.  While he was doing this he also started doing a lot more high intensity interval training (HIIT) which he found out would be 900% more effective at burning fat then just doing steady-state cardio for an hour.

But he also suggested customizing your own workout plan so that you would look forward to it.  “If you hate your workout, you’re not going to do it,” said Reynolds.  He would do ab exercises first because he liked it better than going right into the heavy weight lifting.  Which isn’t necessarily ideal, but I’m a big believer that everybody is different and you have to customize your own workout plan to fit your needs.

Ryan Reynolds Diet Plan For Getting Ripped

When Ryan Reynolds started off his diet plan he knew that it was going to make up most of his results so he went in with a clear action plan.  He decided he was going to eat more often, especially every 2-3 hours to burn more fat.  He did this because when you’re feeding your body all the time it doesn’t need to store fat for energy, therefore keeping you more ripped.

Ryan Reynolds also watched his carbohydrate intake like a hawk.  He’s definitely not for that “Atkins Diet” absolutely “no carb” B.S. and he would usually eat his carbs early in the morning and after he worked out.  But he wouldn’t eat any carbohydrates after 8pm.  Reynolds also would prepare his meals well in advance so he would later only have to do the least amount of work to get his meals in.

Some of the supplements that Ryan Reynolds took were creatine, L-glutamine, CLA, whey protein and a multivitamin.  If you’re looking for a quality protein to get Ryan Reynolds ripped I would check out my Prograde review. Taking the creatine really put a lot of muscle mass on his body but it won’t necessarily keep you super lean.  After you done with a cycle of creatine it’ll be a good idea to go off it for a little bit and try to lean out the muscle you just gained.  L-glutamine is a great supplement for recovery and it’ll help heal your body after an intense workout.  CLA is also great because it’ll help burn fat and build muscle while creating an optimal environment for you body to flourish.

But the true secret for Ryan Reynolds workout plan and diet was having a blueprint for success and following through with it.  What you’ve learned in this blog post is nothing revolutionary, but the harsh truth is that you can leave the master plans in most people’s hands but they’ll never do anything with it.  But if you’re different and you’re an action taker then don’t waste another minute and start getting stuff done.  In fact, if you haven’t already, you can download some free stuff I’m giving away and you’ll also get on my VIP Fat Loss Insider list.

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