Fitness Athlete Workout To Build Lean Body Muscle

I got so many responses from my last blog post, Athlete Workout for the Fastest Fat Loss Results asking for examples of the fitness athlete workout that I decided to put up a video showing you exactly what to do to build lean body muscle.  This kind of training incorporates a lot of different athlete training techniques such as plyometrics, metabolic strength training, high intensity interval training and cardio strength training.

To put it simply, with these fitness athlete workouts we’re combining all the best strategies used by athletes to get into awesome shape and putting them into a compact workout for everyday Joe’s who want to train like the pro’s.

The more information and latest scientific research I read ALL goes back to the foundations of athlete training.  It’s only going to become more and more popular not only because it’s fun but because it works…and it works REALLY well.  You’ll get a more attractive body faster and you’ll also develop that natural athleticism that we all should have but most don’t since we’ve become so sedentary.

The body was meant to move and not sit in front of the computer all day, then sit in the car and then sit again to watch TV and eat dinner.  So let’s give the body what it really wants.

Some of the badass benefits of doing fitness athlete workouts are:

  • Build Lean Body Muscle
  • Increase Athleticism
  • Burn A LOT of Fat
  • Have 10X’s More Fun
  • Push Yourself to Your Limits
  • Create a Sexy, Lean & Toned Body that’ll Turn Heads

But this is going to come with a price too.  These workouts are going to be pretty darn intense and a lot of people who are afraid of a challenge won’t do it.  But that’s okay because it’s going to separate the people who work their butts off to accomplish their goals from the people who are going to spend the rest of their lives depressed and hating their bodies.

Just like anything you want to be great at, it’s going to require consistent hard work to get those incredible results you want.

Fitness athlete workouts is essentially the basis for all of my training and for a very good reason.  See I USED to be the guy in the gym spend 90 minutes just doing a workout on my arms while I completely neglected the rest of my body.  This was a GINORMOUS error and my part and trust me I slap myself all the time for wasting my time doing that kind of training.

It’s probably better than doing nothing but at the same time I was clucking around with chickens when I could’ve been soaring with the eagles.

Most of us have played some kind of sport growing up and for some reason it suddenly stops as soon as we get to college or get a real job.  This is where we’re imprinted to do these lame workouts such as bodybuilding.

It’s rare to see the person with the hot body in the gym who knows what they’re doing and you’ll notice who this person is because it’s the same one that everybody’s staring at.  And they’re not on the elliptical reading a book while watching TV and listening to their iPod.

To train like an fitness athlete you’re going to have to include components into your workout such as the dynamic warm-up, joint and injury prevention work, plyometrics, strength training, speed an agility, core training, metabolic finishers and flexibility with regeneration.  And the trick is finding a way to incorporate all these different techniques while still getting it done in a decent amount of time.

And in this video you’ll be able to see how I’m able to combine a couple different methods to make sure that I get the most bang for my buck and can also build my lean body muscle.

Nobody is ever too old or too out of shape to do a fitness athlete workout because everything has progressions.  So even if you’re not able to do pull-ups like an athlete you can still maybe do inverted rows and at the very least dumbbell rows.  Once you master the easiest version, you can then move on to the next level.

Rome wasn’t build in a day and creating lean body muscle is going to be the same, it’s a series of very intense sprints.  You work really hard for a while and then you take a break before going back at it.

If you liked this kind of workout then you definitely have to try out the full thing, I’ve done ALL the work for you and put it into an awesome  follow along DVD with three different fitness athlete workouts.  H.E.A.T. Blast 7 is going to revolutionize the way that we train and now you can have the advantage over everybody else.  Click on this link or the picture below to get your athlete workout today!

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