Cheat Day Diet For Fast Weight Loss

Most people don’t know that by going on a cheat day diet you can actually lose belly fat and more weight than you could while being super strict with your nutrition program.  There’s a ton of science behind it but there are some very careful stipulations you’re going to want to know about before you start rolling up to Pizza Hut.

Cheat Day Dieting Isn’t For Losers

When I first started getting pretty hardcore about my diet and initially found some of the 30 pounds of extra weight I had on my body started falling off but eventually I hit a plateau that I just couldn’t get out of to save my life.  I was slamming my head against the wall because I didn’t know what the heck was going on because I was so strict with my diet that I thought I would reach my goal in no time, but I was dead wrong.

If you’re looking how to properly use a Cheat Day to maximize fat burning then you need to read my review of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

I don’t care who you are I’m going to go out and say that dieting is hard for everyone.  Most people can’t handle it and after a few hours of momentary dedication they end up binging on half of the McDonalds menu.  And I’m not one to talk because back when I didn’t know much about dieting I was doing the same things over and over again.

You see one of the HUGE reasons why I wasn’t losing any more weight was because I was being TOO strict with my diet.  Naturally when you’re eating very healthy your caloric intake will fall down as well.

When you’re body is used to eating a high amount of calories every day your genes will change with your dietary habits.  You’ll experience a good amount of weight loss just by sticking to your diet in the beginning but eventually you’ll hit a brick wall and won’t be able to to see much more weight fall off.

Why Do Cheat Day Diets Help You Lose Fat?

This is because of the hormone leptin which is responsible for telling our body if we’re getting enough caloric intake to allow fat burning to rapidly continue.  And if you’re body isn’t getting enough calories you’ll eventually lower your leptin levels causing your body to shut off all the fat burning leaving you hanging out in the rain.

This is when implementing a cheat day diet once a week is going to help boost those leptin levels allowing your fat loss to continue.  Most people who embark on a diet for fast weight loss stick to it for a while but eventually they’ll come crashing down and end up binging while going back to their old ways.

The key is to use a cheat day once a week to boost those leptin levels while also satisfying any cravings that you’ve had the past week so you can get it over with and get back to your diet.  But if you’re really overweight then I don’t think you should really be having a full on cheat day and should restrict it to 1-2 meals per week (breakfast and lunch) until you start dropping a significant amount of weight.

I use Saturdays as my cheat days and there really aren’t any rules for me on this day.  After eating large amounts of pizza, bacon cheeseburgers, milkshakes and burritos I’m usually feeling so sick of these pig-approved foods that I don’t even want to touch them for another week.

I get re-motivated to stick to my diet plan for the rest of the week while satisfying any cravings that I may have.  The day following my cheat day (Sunday) I also go on a mini detox on trade in most of my meals with vegetable juice and protein shakes.  Knowing how to detox your body is key to getting that cheat meal out of your body. I do this because my body is in a prime fat burning mode following a cheat day with freshly boosted leptin levels so dramatically reducing my caloric intake the following day is a very strategic approach to mega fat burning.

Is A Cheat Day For You?

Overall having a cheat day once a week is going to help you lose weight but it shouldn’t be done all the way if you have 20+ pounds to lose.  A cheat day will let you look forward to something when dieting gets rough during the week and will hopefully re-motivate you to stick to your nutrition program for the rest of the week.