The Jason Statham Workout and Diet Plan for Extreme Ass Kicking

The Jason Statham Kick Ass Workout and Diet Plan…by Josh Schlottman

If you’ve seen any real action movie recently then I’m sure you’ve seen Jason Statham in it.  And you won’t believe where he goes for inspiration for his hardcore kick ass workouts.  He’s not flipping on a lame P90x DVD anytime soon, Jason Statham goes to prison to find his training inspiration.

Totally put off my big gyms and their machines with wussy trainers walking around, Jason Statham went out to find the ultimate anti-gym and was inspired by visiting a prison and seeing how the inmates trained.  I was surprised to find the similarities with his own diet plan as I found in my Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review.

Jason Statham wants his own workout to be extreme and brutal while strongly emphasizing the use of bodyweight training over machines.  Jason Statham’s own personal trainer, Logan Hood, is a former Navy SEAL himself and was also one of the guys who got the crew for the film 300 in such great shape.

His trainer takes a no B.S. approach to his training and diet philosophy with Jason Statham admitting that there’s no place to hide when working out with him.

From all my research I’ve done with Jason Statham’s training routine I’ve found that his style of training is probably the one most similar to my own.  This guys is going really hardcore and leaves no excuses on the table.

I really like his attitude when it comes to training and he doesn’t get caught up with all the hoopla of pansy Hollywood workouts and diets.

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