You Don’t Want To Get Healthy, You Want To Get Hotter

Let’s get real here.

You don’t want to get healthy, you want to get hotter.

Most of the people I meet just want to look better and become more attractive to the opposite sex.  And to be honest I’m not above this neither.

Whatever your motivation is you really have to blow it up to make sure you stick with your journey and stay consistent. Maybe it’s losing weight, tightening loose skin or fitting into your old clothes again.

Healthy is a just a positive byproduct of the fitness journey, but I’ll go out and say 99% of people care more about getting hotter than getting healthier.

So let’s stop all the B.S. right here and be frank with ourselves.  Because it’s OK.

Whatever your motivation is you have to find it and exploit the hell out of it.  Because there are going to be times when you don’t want to workout and you’d rather cheat and go slam some Taco Bell for dinner instead of your veggies. Finding out how to stop your food cravings can be the hardest part of all.

When those thoughts start popping into your head, you’ll help yourself out a lot if you can go back to why you’re training and what you want out of it.

I bet you’ll turn that car around from the fast food joint when you start picturing your butt getting bigger and your belly getting more bulgy.

One of my secrets for staying motivated is to know my WHY and whenever I want to deviate from it I tell myself that doing that is not something I would do.

I just tell that to myself and it gives me instant motivation to stick on my journey.  This doesn’t mean I don’t splurge every once in a while, but maintaining at least 90% compliance is going to be vital for success.

And start surrounding yourself with people who are like what you want to be and only give you positive energy 90% of the time.  If the people you hang out with want to drink Boiler Makers and chase it with some Jack In The Box then it’s time to start looking for some new friends.

And stop watching Jersey Shore and get off the Snooki cookie diet!

Unless you’re comfortable where you are and don’t want to achieve your dreams.

You always have to protect your energy and time because they’re very valuable resources.  Don’t let anybody take them away from you and TRUST ME, people will try to take your energy and time from you without hesitation.

I used to want to please everybody and go completely out of my way for someone that wouldn’t give me the time of the day.  But now I’ve decided to protect my time and energy and I don’t feel very bad about telling people, “No.”

What I’m basically saying is that you have to have core values.  When you actually sit down and write down your core values it’ll be a heck of a lot easier to stick to them.

That’s an exercise I want you to do right now, get out a pen and paper and write down your 5-10 core values that you want to live by.

Here are mine.

1.  I’m the best part of my clients day (thanks Alwyn!)

2.  The way I do anything is how I do everything.

3.  Everything speaks.

4.  Spread positive and fun energy.

5.  Choose love above work.

6.  Inspire people to have a better life.

7.  Be fully present in the moment and give 100%

8.  It’s all about the team and not individuals

Go ahead and just start writing, if you feel like sharing go ahead and post them below!