What Does BPA Free Mean?

Most people aren’t aware how some of the things they may be doing can seriously affect their health and body composition. You may have seen those ‘BPA Free’ water bottles at your nearest Whole Foods, but there are other important factors you should know about when it comes to minimizing BPA products from your life.

So what does BPA Free mean exactly? BPA stands for Bisphenol-A which is found in plastics, and it is a synthetic estrogen. This is pretty much disastrous if you’re trying to change your body composition because it’ll affect more hormones in the body than just estrogen.

Your body always wants to achieve a balanced homeostasis and when one hormone in the body gets too high or too low your body is going to work overtime to try and balance it out. And your body balances hormones by raising and lowering other hormones. This means testosterone, insulin, cortisol, etc. will be affected.

There was a new study that was just published which found those with high levels of BPA in their urine  had a higher risk for obesity. They also found that BPA would affect both men and women regardless of their race. Some other well known negative affects of BPA include increased inflammation, hyperactivity in children, affected brain functioning, increased heart disease risk and decreased reproductive function.

I don’t know about you but I’m running away from BPA like it’s a zombie ready to eat my brains for dinner. This stuff is bad news and due to a popular demand from the people the FDA reviewed a ban on the stuff. But, unfortunately for us, big businesses and lobbyist influenced the FDA’s decision to not ban BPA even though they admit you should limit your contact with it.

Another study that was published in Environmental Health Perspective also found that low-dose, long-term exposure to BPA can cause a raise in insulin production which could eventually lead to insulin resistance. If you have read any of my previous writings you’ll know that I’m a big proponent against chronically raise insulin levels, and they will inevitably lead to increased fat storage.

Another study in 2011, found that male mice were subjected to BPA in the womb for less attractive to other female mice. I don’t know about you but I want to attract as many female mice as humanly possible. All joking aside, The researchers theorize that the increased BPA levels led to lower testosterone and masculinity in the male mice.

So how are some ways you can go BPA Free so you don’t grow man boobs and store more belly fat? First of all you should try and throw out as many plastic products containing BPA as you can.

Buy some BPA Free water bottles and toss out those free plastic cups you got for free collection. I try to drink and store my food in glass containers whenever possible.

I would also recommend that you NEVER EVER heat food in a plastic container. BPA will more easily be transferred to your food with heat, and this is going to be like shoving your head right into the microwave and pushing the button yourself. Also try to stick to organic food and stay away from canned foods best you can. BPA is pretty much everywhere from your shopping receipts to CDs and DVDs.

Children are especially susceptible to the dangers of BPA simply because they’re body and minds are still rapidly developing. So if you have kids do the best you can to eradicate this unfortunate chemical from their lives.

Of course, just because you eliminate BPA from your lifestyle doesn’t mean that you automatically going to drop a lot of weight. Nutrition exercise comes first, but BPA is going to be another spoke in the wheel of your success. There are a lot of other factors besides nutrition and exercise, even though they are the most important, see have to make sure that you’re looking at all of your lifestyle factors if you’re trying to change your body.

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