The UGLY Truth About Splenda

Have you ever ripped open one of those little bags of Splenda and poured it into your coffee thinking it was better for you than regular ol’ sugar?

We all know that sugar is bad for us and if we don’t stop putting it into our bodies then it’ll make us fat, stupid and it’s only be a matter of time before we end up with diabetes.

Splenda bad

Well, even though Splenda, and other artificial sweeteners, advertise themselves as a zero calorie solution they’re actually just as bad for as you, if not worse, than regular sugar.

Our bodies aren’t stupid, and they weren’t born yesterday.

Artificial sweeteners do not get a free pass from our bodies to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Researchers at the Yale University School of Medicine found even though people were consuming the zero calorie artificial sweeteners such as Splenda they still gained just as much weight as those who ate regular sugar.

One of the reasons is your body is anticipating calories coming in from the sugar rush but when nothing is there it’ll increase your cravings for more of this “sugar” until it’s satisfied.

Your body is expecting some glucose to come along with the sweet taste, but with these zero calorie artificial substitutes there’s nothing there to back them up.

Next thing you know your sugar craving is back and you just keep eating more and more and more.

This is one of the BIG reasons why I’m against counting calories. Instead focus on the quality, not necessarily the quantity, of foods you’re eating.

Of course, you can’t go buck wild and eat a hundred apples a day, but you know what I mean.

Even though I’m not big on eating a lot of fruit, especially if you want to lose weight, it’ll be a much wiser choice than eating a Pop Tart or some other artificially sweetened fake food.

This gist of it is to just eat some real freakin’ food.