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The IMPACT! Body Plan Review – Todd Durkin’s New Book

As a fitness professional Todd Durkin was one of the very first guys out there that I started following because you could immediately tell that this guy knew his stuff and he was easily one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever seen.  When I first heard Todd Durkin speak at an IDEA fitness conference I knew that I had to follow what he was saying and look deeper into what he was doing.

I quickly went to his website and nearly bought out his store.  I purchased all his fitness DVDs along with some of the motivational stuff that he was doing.  Still to this day it was one of the best investments and purchases I’ve made as a fitness professional.  It really got the ball rolling for me and I started discovering more elite fitness trainers who were sharing their knowledge around the industry.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to attend one of his mentorship programs, which I HIGHLY recommend, and even though I couldn’t really “afford” it at the time I’m glad I was able to scrounge up enough money to be able to pay for the 3-day weekend.  After the awesomeness of the mentorship I was also honored to be invited to his new mastermind group that he was forming that would be led by Troy Fontana of Fontana Fitness.  I feel proud to be associated with such great people and I’ve grown so much since being a part of the mastermind it’s crazy!

Todd Durkin has released his new book called, The IMPACT! Body Plan and to put it simply it’s the best overall book that I’ve read when it comes to fitness and lifestyle.  Most fitness books only focus on weight loss and looking good but Todd his going after something bigger here with his book.  He’s going for a complete lifestyle change with his readers and a transformation of the mind, body and spirit.

I got my copy of the IMPACT! Body Plan only a few days ago I already devoured the entire thing since then.  It’s a super simple read and the motivation you’ll get from reading it could inspire the laziest couch potato to become a world class athlete.

He trains all his clients the same whether it’s a Super Bowl winning athlete, a world-class businessman or an everyday average Joe.  And I can personally attest that his workouts are the real deal, thinking I was in shape I almost threw up and passed out after one of his workouts down in his facility at Fitness Quest 10.

The IMPACT! Body Plan encapsulates everything Todd Durkin is about and you can feel his raw energy pouring through each page of the book.  It’s a super inspiring read and the workouts inside are going to kick your butt.  He also goes into nutrition and all the other stuff you should be doing such as going to sleep by 11:00pm and the positive impact of meditation and having a positive attitude.

To be able to purchase a copy of Todd’s IMPACT! Body Plan for under $20 is an absolute steal.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning from him and it was worth every little penny.  And now you can get yourself a piece of his knowledge and success in a cool complete book.

My review of the book?  Stop wasting time and just go buy it, it’ll be the best purchase you’ve made in a long time.

Click this link to purchase a copy or click the image of the book cover below.

Your Coach,


todd durkin workout

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  1. Bob

    December 8, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Hey Josh! I just got TD’s book, and you are correct, my friend, he really knows what is going on. Really excellent all the way through. Question: When are you writing your book? I’ll be the first to buy it, cool?


    • Josh Schlottman

      December 8, 2010 at 3:45 pm

      Thanks Bob, no plans right now but I really want to do one in the future!


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