The BIG Problem with The Biggest Loser

Even if you don’t watch The Biggest Loser there’s a good chance you’ve seen the headlines about the winner of the show who looked a little “too skinny.”

Even though the show can be pretty inspirational I’d highly advice AGAINST following the diet and training programming they implement with the contestants.

First off, I’m not a big fan of the show by any means and I only watch a handful of episodes each season, but this definitely needs to be addressed.


If I were her trainer then I’d for sure be concerned with her rather emaciated appearance. But it is to my understanding that once they leave the show they’re pretty much on their own so her dramatic new physique is largely the making of her own volition.

And this is a TV show so it’s going to thrive off drama. I’m sure all the recent headlines are just going to make the show even more popular.

I just read an tell-all by a former contestant who spilled the beans about what it’s like being on The Biggest Loser. You should know that losing 10+ pounds in a week isn’t the norm because those “weekly weigh-ins” on the show were actually 2-3 weeks apart.

The dieting on the show is going to help the contestants lose some weight fast but it’ll only be short-term. They essentially cut their essential calories in half without much of a choice.

Sure, they’re going to lose weight fast but nobody can keep up with a 1,000 calorie a day diet. Additionally, once you restrict your calories this low for an extended period of time it’ll slow your metabolism down so once you start eating more calories you’ll gain weight considerably quicker.


The girl who won the show has said she was doing 3-4 classes per day leading up to the finale weigh-in. This is a lot of working out, and who knows how much she was and wasn’t eating. But at the end of the day the $250,000 grand prize is more than enough to make many push the limits.

So what can you get out of watching The Biggest Loser?

Don’t follow the nutrition and training programming. It’s all dramatized for TV, and it’s not going to get you results long term.

You CAN use the show for inspiration if it does motivate you to push yourself harder. A lot of the people on the show have inspirational stories that are enough to get anybody off their butts.

Instead I’d opt for a more complete body transformation program such as The Flat Belly Formula. Burning fat while building muscle will give your body the complete transformation so you don’t end up looking “too skinny” and borderline emaciated.

TV shows like The Biggest Loser thrive off drama, and unfortunately this leaves the participants at the shows mercy, but they in exchange lose some weight. Most gain all the weight back because they don’t “habitualize” the essentials of living lean and healthy lifestyle.

Do what works not only fast but that will also last. Otherwise you’ll be living in a big fat circle.