The Best 5 iPhone Apps for Health and Fitness

So I got the new iPhone 4 on the day it launched last month and have to say it’s one of the coolest things out there.  And yes I do experience some of the antenna issues that everybody’s talking about.

But I did also buy one of Apples Bumpers for the iPhone 4 and the issues don’t seem to be as bad.  Hopefully Apple will give us an update soon.

I use the iPhone for a lot of things and one of those things is health and fitness…they have some pretty awesome apps to help organize and motivate you to pushing your goals.

Some people like writing things down on paper and keeping track that way but honestly I like it a lot more when I can write down what I want initially on paper and then use my iPhone apps to keep track of my progress.

I mean I’m carrying the thing around with me most of the time anyway and I hate having to hold on to little pieces of paper all the time, but hey that’s just me.

I’m also the kind of iPhone user who doesn’t want to pay $20 bucks for an app so most of these are either free or pretty darn inexpensive.  (God knows how much you pay for the iPhone!)

So here’s my list of my favorite iPhone apps for health and fitness…

#1  DailyBurn

The DailyBurn app is one that I’m always using and really recommend it to just about all of my clients.  Even if you don’t have the iPhone you can use the web-based program for free, which gives it many awesome points.  The most important feature on the DailyBurn iPhone app is that you can put in your daily nutrition and see the breakdown of macronutrients in your diet.  I’ve looked a long time to find a program that does this and DailyBurn does it really well.  You can also record your workouts, add motivational stuff, make workout friends and a bunch of other great stuff to take your fitness game to the next level.  Click here to get the DailyBurn App.

#2  iWorkout Muse

iWorkout Muse is a an incredible app for interval training so you can literally just set it and forget it.  I’ve used the old school form of Workout Muse before but the biggest complaint is that I couldn’t make custom intervals and had to listen to the awful copyright-free music.  But with the iWorkout Muse you can use your own music from a playlist and create whatever custom interval times you want.  I use this app daily!  Click here to get the iWorkout Muse app.

#3  RunKeeper Pro

OK, this app is terrific if you’re an outdoor runner and it does all the stuff that fancy and expensive GPS monitors do.  When I was training for my marathon about a year and a half ago I bought this really expensive GPS tracking watch that I used a lot when I was training, but not so much any more.  I wish this $10 app was around instead!  If you’re not up for paying the $10 for it then there’s a lite version of it that’s free.  Click here to get the RunKeeper Pro app.

#4  DailyBurn FoodScanner

I know I already talked about the DailyBurn app but this is another app by the same company that takes things to the next level and actually lets you use the built-in iPhone camera to scan foods and see the nutrients that are inside them.  You can quickly see the full nutrition contents so if you’re at the store you can just take a quick pic and see everything that’s inside it.  You can also of course sync everything with your DailyBurn account so you don’t have to go through the hassle of switching apps.  Click here to get the DailyBurn FoodScanner app.

#5  Durkin

Todd Durkin is one of the biggest personal trainers on the planet.  He owns and operates Fitness Quest 10 down in San Diego and trains a bunch of professional athletes as well as everyday Joe’s.  He’s a motivational speaker and also head of the Under Armour Performance Council and gives away a lot of free health tips on his iPhone app.  It’s free and I would easily pay for access to all the information on this iPhone app.  Click here to get the Durkin app.

That’s it guys, let me know what you would like to see on the app!