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My 5 Favorite Christmas Fitness Gifts Ideas

My 5 Favorite Christmas Fitness Gifts Ideas

My 5 Favorite Christmas Fitness Gifts IdeasChristmas is just around the corner and you’re probably getting started on your shopping or maybe you’re already finished up with the holiday madness.  This is the time of the year when we’re all much more giving and I want to share with you some of my favorite Christmas fitness gifts to give out (or some stuff you can put on your own Christmas list).

Usually Christmas fitness are two words that don’t usually go together but instead of handing out ugly sweaters and fruit cakes this holiday season you can instead deliver some sweet gifts for fitness.

And if you’re like most people in the world you probably are and you at least know somebody who is going to be making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in a couple weeks and giving them some of the best fitness gifts is going to help make their 2010 go out with a bang.

Without further ado, here are my 5 favorite Christmas fitness gifts ideas.

1. TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX Suspension Trainer is easily one of my most favorite pieces of fitness equipment ever invented and you don’t have to be a fitness expert to use one.  I still remember the year that I received a TRX trainer as a Christmas fitness gift and it was probably one of the best presents that I ever had received.  I felt like that kid Ralphie in A Christmas Story, you know that movie that plays on TV all day on Christmas day?

My 5 Favorite Christmas Fitness Gifts Ideas

So even if you know somebody who is just trying to get started or maybe you even want one yourself to take your fitness game to the next level, the TRX Suspension Trainer is going to be one of the best Christmas fitness gifts you could give or receive.  Click here to read my TRX Suspension Trainer review.

2. Trigger Point “The Grid” Foam RollerMy 5 Favorite Christmas Fitness Gifts Ideas

I’m a HUGE fan or foam rolling to release all those tight muscles and “trigger points” in the body.  In fact I have my own DVD, the Secrets of the Foam Roller that gives you a complete foam roller and stretching routine.  Styrofoam foam rollers are good but “The Grid” by Trigger Point is pretty darn great.  It’s only 13″ long and I pack it in my suitcase whenever I travel so I can keep away those knots in my body even when I’m away.

The advantage of The Grid foam roller over other foam rollers is what they call Distrodensity Zones.  Which basically means they have different areas on the foam roller that give you a different massage experience.  One area might feel like fingertips are massaging you and another might feel like somebody’s forearm.

3. ValSlides

The ValSlide is one of the lightest and easiest pieces of fitness equipment that I carry around with me.  I use them practically every day and always have a pair with me at home in case I’m in the mood to get in a quick workout.  It’s an awesome fitness gift because it’ll be great as a stocking stuffer and it’ll help jump start anybody’s fitness program.

My 5 Favorite Christmas Fitness Gifts Ideas

All you really need is a carpet (they make them for hard floors too) and your bodyweight.  Then all you have to do is follow some the exercises that creator Valerie Waters has included in the free manual included with the ValSlides.  Here’a a link to where you can pick them up.

4.  Vibram FiveFingersMy 5 Favorite Christmas Fitness Gifts Ideas

The Vibram FiveFingers may get you an initial funny look when you give it as a Christmas fitness gift this year but they’ll turn out to be one of the best presents you can give.  I usually only use mine when I’m training and not when I go on runs or when I walk around town.  I usually just wear a pair of Nike Frees instead and save myself the fashion disaster.

But they’re really functional when you’re training and my feet and joints have never felt better.  it’s a great fitness gift idea because it’s critical to have strong feet and to be able to train “barefoot” in the gym can give you that extra edge you need to keep making gains.  Look at martial artist, they always train barefoot because they know the value of strengthening your feet and using them in the most natural form possible.

5.  Todd Durkin’s IMPACT! Body Plan Book

If you’re a complete beginner or even if you’re looking to change up your whole workout routine then I would recommend checking out Todd Durkin’s IMPACT! Body Plan Book.  It just came out a few months ago and I read through the whole thing in less than a week it was that good.  It’ll be a great Christmas fitness gift for someone who’s looking to transform their body in 2011 or if they’re a fitness junkie like me who loves reading up on the latest fitness stuff.

My 5 Favorite Christmas Fitness Gifts Ideas

You can pick up the IMPACT! Body Plan as a fitness Christmas gift over at Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite Christmas fitness gifts ideas and hopefully you won’t procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get in your holiday shopping this year.  Get it done early and save yourself the stress!

Your coach,


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