Muscle Building Body Type Workouts and Diet Strategies

A lot of people are WAY to quick to blame their genetics for their body and most of the time they’re just looking for something to blame their laziness on.  I won’t lie, some of us our born with bodies that burn fat 100x’s faster than others and for some people it’s a battle to lose a few pounds.

But just because you’re born with a certain body type doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lean attractive body.  Sure it’s going to take more work than those people who can seemingly eat anything and still have a rockin’ body, but when the going gets tough the tough get going.  Are you up for the challenge?

If you’re born with a body like Jack Black it’s going to be near impossible to look like Brad Pitt, but this in no way means you can’t get a ripped and lean body.  There are 3 different body types that I’m going to break down and you’re going to be able to pick out the one that best represents your natural genetic makeup.


These guys are naturally skinny without much muscle and they usually have long limbs and a thin torso.  Naturally small boned and very hard to put on the muscle but on the bright side you’ll stay leaner much easier.

Training Tip: Focus A LOT more on weight lifting and do more total body lifts such as the deadlift and squats.  If you’re just getting started then don’t go too hardcore at first and be sure to take your time resting between sets so you’re strong enough to push the big weight you’re using.  I would do your weight lifting routine 3-4x’s per week and do very LITTLE cardio unless you want to stay skinny and flabby.

Body Type Diet Tip: If you’re looking to put on some lean muscle then I would increase your calorie intake.  Since ectomorphs are so naturally skinny they’ll naturally burn off more fat.  Most naturally thin people can process a lot more carbs than the other end so go ahead and eat away.


Everybody wants to be one of these guys, they’re are naturally born athletes and you’ll recognize the body type if you turn on any professional or collegiate basketball game.  They have a naturally narrow waist and big wide shoulders, this is easily the most attractive body type that we’re going to want to get…the athletes body.

Body Type Training Tip: Most mesomorphs have it in their blood and feel a burning desire to workout a lot.  You’ll get great results with just about any workout program, just keep it intense and make sure you keep mixing it up.  With this body type it’s fun discovering new ways to push your body to the limit and with these workouts I highly recommend doing metabolic resistance training and some high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Body Type Diet Tip: Just make sure you’re eating clean most of the time.  Mesomorphs will stay lean rather easily as long as they’re working out hard but this doesn’t mean they can pig out all day long.  To keep your body healthy you still have to eat healthy.


Probably the hardest body to convert into the lean attractive kind.  These guys are heavyset with big bones and usually shorter limbs and a big thick waist.  A lot of powerlifters and ginormous bodybuilders have this body type because they can build muscle and strength pretty darn fast.  But they also have a slow as molasses metabolism and their big appetites will quickly pack on the fat.

Body Type Training Type: Make sure you’re doing a lot of HIIT cardio training along with doing metabolic resistance training.  If you’re an endomorph and looking for a lean muscular body then I wouldn’t be doing a powerlifting type of workout, use big weights but don’t try and go super heavy all the time.

Body Type Diet Type: Endomorphs naturally have a harder time processing carbohydrates.  So steer clear of the carbs and eat them only first thing in the morning and directly post-workout.  Instead focus on eating more protein and if you’re up for it try some carb cycling for fat loss.

Don’t Let Your Genetics And Body Type Screw You

I’m a kind of a mix between a mesomorph and ectomorph.  I definitely didn’t have much muscle on me growing up and was always on the skinny side even though I was super athletic.  I really wanted to pack on some muscle growing up and I totally developed my body into something that  I could be proud of.

In short, don’t blame your parents genetics or your inherited body type on them.  Get over it. You don’t have any control over what you’re given but you’re damn right that you can do something about it.  So take the advice above for your particular body type and add it to your weight lifting routine and diet plan.

If you’re looking to build some lean muscle then I would really recommend checking out Vince Del Monte’s training system, No Nonsense Muscle Building.  I actually used this program when I was first trying to put on muscle and got some great success with it.  He has muscle building training systems for men and women…

Create your greatness,