Marine Corps Military Workout Plan

Hey I hope you’re doing great and your taking your fitness levels to another degree.

I was getting extremely bored the other day with my normal workout routine so I thought I would be creative and spice things up a little bit.

Then I came up with the Marine Corp Military Workout Plan.

Military workouts are definitely Xtreme and I wanted something that was going to be intense but also burn a lot of fat and build some muscle in the process.

Now this workout is so intense in fact that you may want to down the timed intervals so you don’t blow your lungs out!

You will need a pull-up bar to do the Monkey Pull-Ups as well as a SuperBand for the mountain climber push-ups.

But for the most part you’re using body weight in this Marine Corp workout routine.

I went from 0-60 with this workout and I was breathing hard my the end of the first round.  I didn’t think it was going to be easy but then again, I didn’t think it was going to be this hard!

So make sure you’re very well hydrated when doing this military workout because Idon’t want you to pass out.  A good rule of thumb is to take half your bodyweight and divide it by 2, that is the minimum amount of fluid ounces you should be taking in daily.

And if you’re working out, drinking caffeine/alcohol you should be drinking more water.  (Hopefully you’re not doing both at the same time!)

I have to say that the first exercise (Monkey Pull-Ups) and the last exercise (Burpee Push-Up Punches) get me every time in this Marines Workout.

I’ve personally trained a couple of Marines and future-Marines before and this is the exact workout routine that I would be putting them through.

And that is exactly what kind of training you’ll want to replicate; high intensity, metabolic, strength + cardio.  You’ll get a lot more results from doing this then you would from doing the elliptical trainer for 45 minutes while reading a book!

But like with anything there is a price to be paid, the workout is going to be more intense and not too many people will be able to complete it but those who keep at it and don’t give up will be the ones who will really prosper.

Here are all the details for the workout…

45 Seconds ON / 15 Seconds OFF

4 rounds total

1. Monkey Pull-Ups

2. Band-Resisted Mountain Climber Push-Ups

3. Plyo Military Push-Ups

4. X-Jumps

5. Tiger Crawls

6. Dumbbell Burpee Push-Ups with Punches

*Rest 90 seconds and then repeat

P.S. Thought this picture was hilarious