How I Won at Weight Loss Jeopardy

I woke up this morning from a crazy dream that had me as a contestant on Jeopardy: Weight loss Edition.

I found it funny I was on Jeopardy considering I’m one of those people who shout the answer at the TV only to be wrong 90% of the time. Then I look around and I’m glad my dog is the only one to have heard me…

Now I can’t remember everything from the dream but I do remember one question very vividly.

It was my turn.

“Weight Loss B.S. for $800 Alex”

The ol’ steam engine that could Alex Trebek began to reveal the the question when my eyes lit up because I knew I actually had the correct answer.

“Most people think I’m very sweet and tasty, especially in Coke, but I’m actually very bad for you”

Then the bozo next to me beat me to it by pushing his clicker a fraction of a second before me. Alex then asked him for his answer right after they gave me a strange look for slamming my clicker on the desk out of frustration.

“What are Fruit Loops?” said the guy next to me.

Alex replied, “nope and it turns out the only Fruit Loop here is you buddy.”

The guy next to me pulled his eyes down to his feet in reply to Alex’s snarky remark.

After I let out a few chuckles I clicked my clicker.

“What are artificial sweeteners?”

“Can you be more specific Josh?” replied Alex.

“Well statistics from the San Antonio Heart Study found that the artificial sweeteners found in foods such as Diet Coke actually were 65% more likely to become overweight and 41% more likely to become obese”

“Correctomundo Josh!” said Alex.

I decided to elaborate on my answer just a wee bit more. “It’s really a shame the big food companies are promoting artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose as non-weight gaining when they actually make you put on fat like the kid Chunk from the movie Goonies eating Twinkies.”

Best movie ever too by the way.

“Whoa this is my show big shot. Wait until your out in the parking lot before you get on your soap box,” said Alex.

Then I woke up.

Even though I had actually answered correctly I couldn’t help but feel just a little bit saddened to know I didn’t actually receive any snarky replies from Alex Trebek. Oh well.

But I was right that Diet Coke is just as bad, if not worst, than drinking regular soda. Both are going to make you fat and put you on the road towards diabetes so it’s best to steer clear of the both of them.

If you’re craving to drink something sweet I like to squeeze a little lemon into my water for flavor. It won’t make you fat and it’ll also help to detox your body.

Also iced tea (without the sugar of course) is another healthy alternative to the chemical fueled fizzy lifting drinks.

I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight so I can hopefully build on my Jeopardy record setting score of -$185,000.

Have a great weekend,