Heavy Rope Training Workout

Hey, if you’re like me then I too would be sick of doing all the boring and tedious cardio on a treadmill.

Lately I’ve been training with heavy ropes in my workouts and I’ve found it to be great at metabolic conditioning.

I can get to my maximal heart rate much faster than when I would run on the treadmill or try anything else to be honest.

Give yourself 30 seconds doing one of these exercises on the ropes and I can promise you’ll be huffing and puffing.

But you’ll also be boosting your metabolism and will be shredding calories and fat throughout the day AFTER your workout.

The heavy ropes are really such a simple tool but you can do so much with them and another great part is that you can practically take them anywhere.

Everybody who I’ve had try them loves them… Go here to see where I got them.

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to take notes!