G.I. Joe Cobra Bootcamp Blast Workout

With all the excitement and buzz surrounding the new film, G.I. Joe I decided to create a quick bootcamp blast you can do in your home or outside in the park to coincide with its theatrical release. This workout is strictly bodyweight and requires absolutely no weights whatsoever.

Although I do recommend getting the ultimate bodyweight tool, the TRX Suspension Trainer… I decided to wear my bootcamp shirt for this one! Ray Park and Channing Tatum’s characters both inspired this workout for the G.I. Joe Bootcamp Blast! Here’s the workout…

A1: Soldier Push-Ups (15 Seconds)
A2: TRX Low Rows (15 Seconds)

B1: TRX Rear Elevated Split Squats (x8/side)
B2: 1-Legged Burpees (x8/side)

C1: Jump Squats (15 Seconds)
C2: Plyo Push-Ups (15 Seconds)
C3: Lunge Hops (15 Seconds)
C4: Mountain Climbers (15 Seconds)