The Best Butt Exercise

I have a confession to make.

I like big butts.

One of my mentors in the fitness industry is Mike Boyle and he believes the glute (butt) muscles are the most important muscles in the human body.

Unfortunately, most people are suffering from inverted booty syndrome. You know, when their butt is so small is looks like it’s caving inwards. Not hot.

The reason this flat booty epidemic is sweeping the nation is because we’re sitting on our butts all dang day. Most of us rarely have to do much (if any) squatting, lunging and stepping.

When we fail to use the butt muscle it essentially is going to begin to hypotrophy meaning it’ll gradually lose muscle mass as we age. Even though you may see some big butts out there that doesn’t mean there’s muscle under there. It’s usually just a lot of fat.

Sitting on our butts too often will also cause the muscle to “fall asleep” and the glutes will not properly activate when we need them too. Boyle likes to compare it to the dimmer light switch. You have to crank it back up through exercises.

I filmed a quick video showing you what in my humble opinion is the BEST butt exercise on the planet.

I would recommend just about everybody to do this exercise prior to working out especially if you’re sitting a lot at home, work or commuting.

Also it’s a fantastic exercise to build a bulbous booty 😉

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