3 Ways to Burn More Fat in your Workouts

I was doing some front squats yesterday when my friend Larry came up to me asking what the heck I was doing.superset

He rolled his eyes when I told him I was doing front squats as he has been doing that particular exercise for nearly 10 years strong now.

He then said, “no no no you dodo bird! Why are you also doing another set right after you finished the last one?”

I replied, “who are you calling dodo bird?”

Then after we had finished a nunchuk fueled brawl in the middle of the gym and as we laid on the floor succumbed from our battle wounds I told him the answer he sought.

“It’s called a drop set dodo bird, and it’s a highly effective way to build more muscle while also burning more fat.”

He looked at me with a grin on his face and asked me to show him how this was done.

So I made him do a set of front squats with a weight he would normally do, then immediately after finishing that set I made him take off about 50% of the weight before telling him to do it again.

He said, “whoa tiger, are you trying to kill me?”

I replied, “ROAR!”

Then I told him all joking aside this was going to be pretty intense, but it works. “You should feel a burning sensation in your muscles if you’re doing it right.”

After about finishing 8 reps on the front squat drop set he dropped to the floor. I couldn’t tell if it was sweat or not, but I could swear I saw a tears running down his face.

I slapped him across the face and told him to stop being so dramatic. He then asked me , “what else I can I do to burn more fat and gain more muscle in my workouts?”

I told him he could also implement supersets. He then ran to the front of the gym, grabbed a piece of paper and came sprinting back to write this down nearly knocking over elderly woman.

I explained to him a superset was when you would complete one exercise then immediately follow it up with another exercise. Specifically for fat loss I recommended to him he should superset non-competing total body exercises.

He looked at me as though I had butterflies flying out of my ears.

So I showed him an example of what I was talking about. “Let’s say you’re just getting back into working out I would have him do something simple like squats ‘supersetted’ with push-ups.”

“While the squats are working your legs the pull-ups are going to be training your upper body. This way one body part can rest while the other does work.”

Larry then yelled out, “sacrebleu!”


As I began walking towards the exit Larry ran up beside me and asked if I could show him just one more thing he could do to burn more fat with his workouts.

I politely turned him down only to grant his request after he began begging like a 5 year old for a lollipop.

“The last thing I can tell to you is to keep your rest periods very low. Even though you may already be ‘supersetting’ your exercises you should not rest more than 30 seconds between sets.”

He then put his chin up and puffed out his lips like Gary Coleman and said, “what’chu talkin’ ’bout Josh?”

I told him the longer he rests the more his heart rate is going to decrease and the less calories he’s going to burn. I warned him it’s going to be a lot more difficult to train with such short rest periods, but if he was willing to put in the work he would be greatly rewarded.

As we walked out of the gym together I put my arm around and told him there was still hope for him yet.

He smiled and seemed to have a look of hope on his face as he looked up to the sun to feel the warm rays.

He then thanked me but I immediately put my finger to his mouth and said, “no thank you.”


Hope you enjoyed the first episode of the adventures of Josh and Larry.

Create greatness,