The Earth Day Workout – Get Your A** Out of the Gym!

oak-park-benchWell today is the day we’re all supposed to be celebrating the Earth and all the life it gives us.  To be honest, nobody has said anything to me about today being Earth Day.  In fact, if I didn’t write it down on my Google Calendar then I most likely would’ve forgotten about it too.  But Earth Day isn’t just about turning your lights off or taking public transportation, it’s about appreciating everything our planet gives us.

I wanted to give you guys some awesome tips that will get you outside the gym this week & get some SUNSHINE into your workouts.  It’s always a great idea to workout outside every once in a while.  Why?  Because it will totally switch things up by getting out of the ‘comfort zone’ gym & it will have you’re a totally refreshing feel to your workout.

Here are my tips to have a great week working out outside in celebration of Earth Day.

  • 1. Go To A Park: Parks are excellent locations to workout at. Use the tools the park offers to your advantage. Look for a bench to do step-ups & push-ups on. Buy a TRX and set it up to a tree or monkey bars for an incredible total body resistance workout. Be creative & don’t worry what people “might” think because everyone I come across is always more intrigued than skepticalCheck out my TRX video I made…The Ultimate TRX Workout.
  • 2. Get A Dog: A dog is a great excuse for you to get a workout. I’m not talking about a little Chihuahua but a dog you can actually run with. On days you don’t feel like working out; TRICK your body & your mind into taking your dog for a “walk.” Soon you’ll find yourself jogging along with your dog who is the happiest thing in the world.
  • 3. Find Some Hills: Go find a street or a park that has some good sized hills on it & get your body there! Hills are an awesome natural tool to do interval sprints on. The same interval training that has been researched to be 9X more effective at fat burning then doing just plain old endurance training. Sprint up the hill & then slowly come back down the hill, rest a little bit if you need it before repeating. I live near a great park here in Napa, Alston Park, which is outdoors & has huge hills that will kill even this personal trainer!

Now here’s the meat & potatoes you were looking for…The Earth Day Outdoors Workout!

A1.  Bench Step-Ups  (3×8/side)

A2.  Bench Push-Ups  (3×12)

A3.  Bicycle & Rotates (3x20sec.)


B1.  Bench Single-Leg Squats  (3×8/side)

B2.  Bench Triceps Dips  (3×10)

B3.  Crab Bridge Holds  (3x20sec.)


C1.  Walking Lunges  (3×7/side)

C2.  Jump Squats  (3×10)

C3.  Hover Planks  (3x20sec.)