The 21 Best Ways To Lose Weight

Hey guys…hope everything in your life is going great…I wanted to bring something to the table today that could completely rock your weight loss world.

You’ve already taken such a huge step just reading this blog because most people won’t even go that far into accomplishing their goals.

So I want to go ahead and congratulate you on that!

But before I get into the meat and potatoes on this post “The 21 Best Ways To Lose Weight” I want to share something I’ve had up my sleeve…

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OK, now let’s get to the good stuff…

1.  Eat more frequent smaller meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism revving and your blood sugar levels even.

2.  Start eating a plentiful breakfast every morning that includes grains, protein and some healthy fats.

3.  Prepare your meals in advance! This is the key to eating healthy…every Sunday I grill up about a weeks worth of chicken breasts and shove them in the fridge so I’m all set for the week.

4.  Stop eating sugar and white flour…instead go with Stevia to replace sugar and try Rye or Ezekiel bread for your sandwiches.

5.  Stop eating so much food late at night. Eat bigger in the morning and then taper off your calorie intake as the day progresses. Go here for more of my favorite tips on how to stop eating so much so you can finally lose weight.

6.  If you’re naturally a big person then stop taking in so much carbs and instead focus on taking in protein…don’t neglect the bad carbs though such as fruits and veggies.

7.  Watch my video on natural weight loss supplements and start taking them.

8.  Start lifting weights and be sure to go pretty heavy, gone are the days of lifting baby weights for 100s of reps…this applies to EVERYONE, women especially need to do this.

9.  STOP starving yourself! You’re only making things worse.

10.  Use interval training, forget doing the long boring steady state stuff on the treadmill, instead start sprinting for a 1 minute and then jogging for 1 min, then keep repeating!

11.  Stop doing 100s of crunches, for one you’re wasting your time and second you’re going to hurt yourself by causing imbalances in the body.

12.  Get a workout buddy or join a local boot camp program to enhance accountability and motivation plus it’s WAY more fun…if you’re in the Napa Valley check out my Napa Boot Camp.

13.  Record your statistics, this includes your weight, girth measurements and bodyfat percentage even if it hurts to do so.  Knowing where you are will give you direction as well as extra motivation.

14.  Write down your short term goals as well as your long term goals.  This is a lot harder than it looks (that’s what she said)…but necessary to give yourself deadlines and to hold yourself accountable for what you REALLY want to accomplish.

15.  STOP taking crazy diet pills or going with Oprah’s latest diet fad, because even if it does work you’ll go right back to where you were before you started them.  Instead focus on making lifestyle changes such as exercising correctly and eating healthy.

16.  Put an end to working out for hours at the gym, when I’m working out I’m done in an hour and a half MAX, any more and something is going wrong.  You should be working out hard and not resting very long between sets.

17.  Go to sleep by 10:30 every night.  This will ensure you get the necessary sleep to fully replenish the cells in your body that need to recover.  Therefore giving you more energy so you can work hard the next day.

18.  Give back! As you start losing weight then start helping other people who have passion to doing the same.  Inspire them and share your newfound knowledge, it’ll come back to your ten fold!

19.  No more candy or sodas…even if diet!

20.  Stay away from artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, they’re actually much worse than normal sugar!

21.  Take in many antioxidants throughout the day to kill the free radicals that are going crazy in your body…I like pomegranates, acai and goji berries and their juices.

There you go, The 21 best ways to lose weight and burn fat…start implementing them now!

Be sure to leave a comment below with your favorite ways to lose weight!