7 Simple Tips to Build Muscle Fast

A lot of us are can get really clueless when it comes to building muscle and the benefits of it.

Too many women are afraid they’ll get bulky big muscles and most guys don’t really know what they’re doing (They just read  the latest Muscle and Fiction magazine).

I wish everybody knew that building muscle will burn more fat than just doing cardio and when you build muscle you’ll tone and shape your body, but there is a right and wrong way of doing this.

Because if you do it wrong, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with bulky muscles (women…).

And guys if you do it wrong, there a good chance you’ll be wasting your time and not making any progress.

It’s not easy going against what a lot of people have been imprinted to believe when it comes to weight training and building muscle.

If you just do cardio and happen to lose weight, you’re just going to be a skinnier version of yourself.  This is where the whole Skinny Fat comes in where you’re thin but super flabby and have to shape to your body.

And here are my 7 compiled tips on how to build muscle fast:

1.  Do Weights First.

There really shouldn’t be any reason why you would want to lift weights after you’re done doing your cardio.  If you do your cardio before hand then you’re entire body will become more and more depleted by the time you get to the real hard stuff.  Weights require the most amount of energy and to build muscle you have to be properly fueled up and ready to attack the weight hard.

2.  If Want To Build Muscle You Have To Go Heavy.

If you want to build muscle then you can’t keep doing a weight that doesn’t push you during those last 3 reps.  I hate seeing people doing 30+ reps with a baby rattle of  a weight and thinking that they’re actually doing something with their lives.  To get your muscles to grow fast you’re going to have to push yourself and your body to another level every time you workout.  So put down the baby weights and start getting serious.

3.  Big Movements Are Key.

Using machines to build muscle and strength is also going to slow you down.  When exercising try to recruit the most amount of muscles possible for an exercise.  So if you’re just starting out try getting pushups down before you start on the bench press.  Same thing with pullups, if you’re on the pulldown machine (and you don’t have health problems) then try to get pullups down first.  Also try not to ignore the other key big movements; squats, deadlifts, dips,etc. Click Here to see my post to learn how to do a pullup.

4.  Genes Aren’t A Big Deal.

Just because you think you were born with the wrong body type or are seriously lacking the right muscle fibers, your genes only make up a small percentage of your overall success.  When people blame their genes it’s usually nothing more than a big excuse to why they don’t want to commit and push themselves to reach their goals.  Yes, I won’t lie, genes to play a role but everybody can improve their muscles in both size and strength and just because you won’t be a professional bodybuilder any time soon doesn’t mean you can’t look awesome in a few months from now.

5.  Protein Isn’t Enough.

You’ll hear everybody and their mother recommend consuming lots protein to build muscle and get stronger.  But the truth is that’s only part of the equation.  Yes, you’re muscles are made mostly of protein, but don’t forget that 80% of your muscle is water.  Dehydration can easily suck the size and strength right out of your muscles, not to mention your work out performance.  Also after you’re done working out try getting in some starches such as potatoes into your post-workout meal.  Having just a protein shake is okay in a crunch, but you’ll want something more to take your game to a higher level and get faster results.

If you’re trying to build muscle then I would look at your overall calories more than just your protein intake.  A little rule of thumb I use is to take my weight in kg and multiple that by 2.  This is the around the amount of protein that I want to get into my body every day…

6.  Stop The Long Cardio.

Yeah I said it!  Going on long runs is great for cardiovascular health and awesome for recreation.  But if you’re trying to build muscle then you’re much better off doing some HIIT or Tabatas in place of long cardio.  Plus instead of running on a treadmill for 45 minutes you can get the same results doing 10 minutes of the other stuff above.  But to be frank, it’s going to be a heck of a lot more intense but if you can take the heat then you’re results are going to go through the roof!

7.  Don’t Overdue It.

Over training is probably the most underestimated cause of failure when it comes to building muscle.  You’ll see people in the gym training way too much and they’ll most likely fail unless they’re recovering enough and getting enough nutrients into their body.  So use your work out time wisely and do the stuff the gives you the biggest bang for your buck, don’t over train and have the patience to watch your muscles grow.

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