3 Awesome High Protein Packed Snacks

I know it’s really tough to eat good when we’re always on the move.  If you’re like most people then you’re probably super busy and don’t always have time to eat every 3 hours like we’re supposed to.

But that’s ok, I always call my 5 “meals” a day, “feedings” instead.  Because I really want to discern the difference between the two.

When I say to eat 5 “feedings” a day every 3 hours, I’m not talking a big ol’ country style meal.  I’m talking 3 meals with some snacks in between.

But what do you want to eat as snacks?

There are a ton of things you can eat but I want to give you a few of my favorite protein packed snacks that I always try to keep around when I’m in a bind and want to make sure I’m getting that feeding in.

The first tip I want to give is to always try to be prepared.  Preparation is the key when it comes to losing weight from having a solid nutrition plan.

I keep snacks all over the place; at home, in my car, in my gym bag and at work.

This way I can keep on track with my meals, otherwise I’ll be missing my meal and therefore might as well have cheated and snacked on some pizza.

Just to break it down really quickly, if you’re not eating every few hours then your metabolism is going to slow down and your blood sugar levels will dip as well.

When this happens your body goes into survival mode and you’ll want to eat anything in sight that will fill you up quickly, this usually results in fast food binging and other bad stuff.

So the key is prepare, prepare, prepare.  I usually like to take Sundays to prepare my snacks for the week so I don’t have to rush through it during the week.  It only takes me an hour or two but it makes a world of difference.

Ok, here we go, my favorite 3 awesome protein packed snacks.

1.  Jerky.

It doesn’t matter if it’s beef, turkey or salmon jerky and it’s a great way to keep a very good protein with you at all times and the best part is that it won’t go bad very easily.  This is great because I can keep the jerky in my car or in my gym bag and just snack on it here and there.  I personally like to mix it up and use beef, turkey and salmon jerky.  Just try not to get the cheap stuff because it’s loaded with nitrites as well as high fructose corn syrup.

2.  Almond Butter and Celery.

Another favorite of mine, I usually keep this at home or in the work refrigerator.  I cut up a bunch of celery on Sunday and have my jar of RAW almond butter that I get at Trader Joe’s for just $5 and I’m good to go.  The only bad part is that you’ll want to keep the almond butter cold after you open it.  But almond butter is a lot better than just plain old peanut butter and I recommend it to mix up your snacks and keep things fresh.

3.  Cottage Cheese and Carrots.

Maybe this is a weird combination but I don’t mind it.  I’ve never been a big fan of cottage cheese but it’s a great source of protein and has lots of casein protein in it.  Casein protein is different from whey and it will be absorbed a lot slower than whey.  I just cut the carrots in half and use the half-carrot to scoop out a bunch of cottage cheese.  Delicious!

There you go, 3 awesome protein packed snacks to keep your day going strong and your nutrition on point.  I also keep a variety of protein bars and protein powder on hand just in case but I try not to overuse these because they are supplements and should only “supplement” your meals.

If you have any other suggestions for protein packed snacks go ahead and leave a comment below, I’d love to hear yours!