6 Killer Flat Stomach Exercises

Today in my boot camp I put them through these 6 flat stomach exercises and I have to say that they’re going to challenge you to push your workouts harder than before.

It’s a little discouraging going to the gym sometimes and seeing people who don’t have a clue what they should be doing and you can see the lack of intensity in their eyes. Workouts are supposed to be challenging the majority of the time and if you’re not pushing the limits then you also won’t be getting the impressive results you want.

To be honest I’m not a fan of Crossfit workouts because most of their coaches do not focus on form, progressions or developing real training programs so people can get better instead of just doing a different workout every day. But I have to say they have built a strong community and one of the reasons I wanted to start my own boot camp was to help inspire people to workout with other like-minded people who will push each other.

The Best Kind of Flat Stomach Exercises

By now you’ll know I’m not a big fan of using machines in the gym if you’re trying to burn some belly fat because they’ll just slow your metabolism to a slugs pace. Instead you should be focusing your workouts on implementing real world fat burning protocols such as metabolic resistance training and high intensity interval training.

In all of the flat belly exercises featured in the video below you’ll see that they all use multiple muscle groups in the body, challenge the body with high time under tension and they also use heavier weights. Lifting lighter weights for higher repetitions is a complete myth if you’re trying to get a lean body.

Pick up some heavier dumbbells that are going to challenge you but won’t cause you to lose proper form. And ladies you don’t have to worry about looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger if you’re using heavier weights as it will help you to prevent the dreaded “skinny fat” syndrome.

flat stomach exercises

One of the reasons why females won’t gain huge muscles from lifting heavier weights is because they don’t have the level of testosterone that males have. I always cringe when I see a lady lifting a ridiculously light weight for her just because she’s afraid she may get “bulky.”

My Flat Stomach Workout…Boot Camp Style

As the difficulty of each exercise is increased you’ll also notice the level of repetitions is decreased. This will create a balance and a “ladder” style type of workout as we increase the reps while also decreasing the difficulty of the exercise. Here’s the workout…

5 Rounds:

x10 Hammer Curl Core Row

x20 Skier Swings

x30 Cross-Body Mountain Climbers with Reverse Pushups

x10 1-Arm Burpees with Upright Row

x20 Smurf Punches

x30 Half Jacks

Flat Stomach Exercises Video

So you can see this flat stomach workout is going to be challenging and it just proves to you that you don’t need a gym membership to get a lean body. Sure it helps having an awesome facility to motivate you but the reason I chose to use bodyweight and dumbbell exercises in my Flat Belly Formula book was the ease of accesibility.

Making excuses not to workout or drive to the gym are going to hold you back from getting results and anybody can get a flat stomach if they simplify their workouts with exercises that actually help to get them there faster.