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In my Athletic Greens review I’m going to give you and overview along with my thoughts on this greens supplement.  My goal by the time you’re done reading this Athletic Greens review to know exactly whether or not the supplement is for you and if it’s worth investing your money into it.

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I first came across the Athletic Greens supplement from the recommendation of a friend and after hearing him rave about it I decided to pull the trigger and go ahead and get some.  Like any supplement you’re going to go into it with some level of skepticism but I was sure to do my homework and everything in this greens supplement looked like the real deal.

I’ve tried a couple different greens supplements before but none of them seemed to keep me coming back for more.  Either I wasn’t impressed by the ingredients or the taste and to put it simply I just didn’t feel like it was worth my money.  I was shocked at how impressive Athletic Greens was in regards to the ingredients inside it was well as the taste too.

To be completely honest with you drinking Athletic Greens isn’t going to be like downing a chocolate milkshake but after a few times I became totally used to the taste and I actually started to crave it in the mornings.  The most immediate improvement I saw from taking Athletic Greens was the dramatic and sudden increase in my energy levels after taking it.

The Benefits Found In My Athletic Greens Review

The big reason why you’re going to get that energy boost is because the raw green superfoods inside are going to help alkalize your blood and thus help boost your energy levels.  The reason we want to alkalize our bodies is because we’re usually consuming WAY too many acidic foods which can lead to a blood pH imbalance that will drain our energy levels.  Athletic Greens provides a powerful alkaline punch because of the raw green superfoods it contains as well as all the enzymes in it too.

The next thing I want to go over in my Athletic Greens review is what is actually in this greens supplement.  I know a lot of my readers are currently on a diet or they have specific nutrition requirements so I’m going to go right out there and say a huge advantage of this greens supplement is that it is extremely diet friendly as it contains NO GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), yeast, peanuts, animal products, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, artificial colors/flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, egg, wheat, dairy, gluten, corn, lactose, sucrose or dextrose.

That’s incredible!  If you go to any supplement store and try to find a similar greens product like this then you’ll surely find at least some of the above ingredients in it.  By not including any of those above foods you’re going to be able to keep your body in the best natural state possible while getting a huge influx of healthy nutritional foods.

As a fitness trainer myself I see a lot of my clients and people who I meet in general who have digestive issues.  They can’t digest their foods properly which leads to diarrhea, burping and upset stomachs and a big reason for this is because they don’t have enough healthy digestive bacteria in their system and also because their blood is too acidic.

I’ve already talked about how awesome Athletic Greens is at naturally alkalizing your body but each serving of the greens supplement also contains 7 billion different strains of healthy digestive bacteria in the form of lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium bifidum.  These are considered probiotics and they’re job is to help to naturally digest foods and a huge benefit of this is the increase in nutrient absorption from the healthy foods you’re eating.

Because if you can’t digest it properly then you’re not going to get all the nutrients in your body so you’re pretty much wasting your money then.  Other dairy free probiotics that are included in Athletic Greens are papaya, broccoli, cherry powder, carrot, pineapple, carob and natural vanilla.

Another benefit I found while researching for this Athletic Greens review is the high amount of antioxidants that are inside it which will not only help to super boost your immune system but they also destroy damage causing free radicals the wreak havoc throughout your body.  After carefully reading through the Athletic Greens ingredient list I was excited to see that just one serving has the same antioxidant equivalent to 10-12 servings of fruits and veggies.  Now that’s impressive!

I used to have to pay out for another antioxidant supplement in addition to the other greens supplements that I was taking before but after switching over to Athletic Greens I’m able to get more than enough antioxidants in just one serving of the greens supplement.  Killing two birds with one stone!

Another big benefit that comes with Athletic Greens is that it’s super absorbable by the body which will allow you to take in more of the nutrient dense ingredients that are inside it.  This is mostly due to the natural digestive enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics that are included in the greens supplement which naturally work synergestically to improve digestion and gastrointestinal functioning.

Also I’m a huge a fan of Athletic Greens being in powder form because most tablets and pill capsules are much harder to properly digest.  Also not to mention that most pills are heat pressed which will denature and/or destroy the nutrients inside the formula.  This will lead you to just peeing and pooping out all the healthy nutrients you just put into your body and it’s literally like throwing your money down the toilet.

Final Thoughts In My Athletic Greens Review

The only thing I believe which will hold people back from pulling the trigger and investing in Athletic Greens is the price.  I want to make it clear in my Athletic Greens review that it may look like a big upfront cost but if you break it down it’s only going to cost you $2.60 per day.  That’s cheaper than most people’s daily trip to Starbucks!  If you’re serious about your health then you have to realize the quality of the ingredients inside Athletic Greens and look at all the awesome benefits you’re going to get by taking it.

And when you do decide to get Athletic Greens they have an incredible 60 day money back guarantee so even if you take the entire greens supplement and then decide it’s not for you then you can go ahead and return it and get your money back.  That’s a great day.  It’s like going out to a nice dinner, ordering anything you want, eating it all and then deciding if it’s worth paying the bill or not.

In the end, I’ve found Athletic Greens to be my #1 nutritional insurance and even though I’m eating healthy the majority of the time it’s still important to fill any extra gaps in my diet.  The 76 nutrient dense natural ingredients found in Athletic Greens will prevent me from seeing any nutrient deficiencies so I can maximize my health and energy levels.

Now that you’ve read my entire Athletic Greens review it’s time to take action by investing in the best greens supplement known to mankind.  Click the link below to go to the next step…

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