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Food Swap These 3 Unhealthy Foods

So I just finished training all of my boot camp members, and on the way home I stopped off at the grocery store to pick up some goodies for the day. I was a little bit shocked to see what some people were throwing in their shopping carts. […]

empty stomach cardio

Why Cardio On An Empty Stomach Doesn’t Work

When I first started training many moons ago one of the biggest theories floating around the gym was that doing empty stomach cardio in the morning was going to burn up to 3x’s more fat because your body is glycogen depleted (low carbohydrate stores) and it will burn […]

gym bag

My 10 Best Gym Bag Essentials

To be completely honest I absolutely find and use every single inch of my gym bag to fit every essential I think I’ll need for my workouts. Some of my friends at the gym call me the James Bond of fitness because I like to carry around all […]


Is It Bad To Eat Before Bed? Heck No!

The other day I was getting ready to train a client of mine who was obviously looking very tired before we had even started. This was a little startling because she was usually very on top of her game and I look forward to her positive energy, but […]


Inspirational Weight Loss Stories to Never EVER Give Up

Every once in a while a truly inspirational story comes by that hits your deep in your heart. This is one of those stories that simply floored me because it reminds you of what is possible with the determination of the human spirit. After watching this video you’ll […]

flat stomach exercises

6 Killer Flat Stomach Exercises

Today in my boot camp I put them through these 6 flat stomach exercises and I have to say that they’re going to challenge you to push your workouts harder than before. It’s a little discouraging going to the gym sometimes and seeing people who don’t have a […]


What Are Good Carbs?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard my anti-bad carb preaching and how important it is to stay away from them to burn more fat but most people still don’t know what are the good carbs? Just because I’m always telling you to stay away from the bad carbs […]

hiit training program

HIIT Training Secrets To Get Lean Fast

In this blog post I’m going to share with you some of my favorite HIIT training secrets I’ve used to rapidly drop belly fat and add some definition to my body. Memorial Day has already passed and it’s now time to honestly ask yourself if you’ve reached your […]

sugar makes you dumb

Does Sugar Make You Fat

It’s pretty obvious eating sugar is going to make you fat and now the latest research is also proving that it makes you stupid too. Researchers at UCLA have just come out with a study in the Journal of Physiology which found rats who were given high fructose […]

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