My 1-2-3 Fat Killing Workout Protocol

1-2-3 Workout Principle

Want to know how I program my own workouts to maximize fat loss while also building some rock hard muscle? This is the exact method I use in a typical workout for both myself and my clients. This will work whether you’re into doing total body functional training as well as bodybuilding type workouts. I… Read more →

Bodyweight “Dirty Thirty” Workout

bodyweight dirty thirty workout

It's Workout Wednesday and I'm back with another bodyweight workout that you can use to get a quick workout in. I was working pretty intensely the other day without much time or inclination to go to the gym so I whipped up this "Dirty Thirty" workout. I hope your New Years Resolutions are going strong… Read more →

5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals In 2014

achieving goals

Whew! 2013 is already well behind us and now is the time to take 2014 by the jugular and hog tie it like a runaway pig at a rodeo. At the beginning of every year I always write down the things I want to accomplish for the year and place it predominantly on my desk… Read more →

13 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods

belly fat burning foods

By now I’m sure you’ve figured out the Big Mac you’ve been eating isn’t going to help you burn belly fat. Fortunately, there are some specific foods out there that will help you burn off your stubborn belly faster than others. Of course, to see any real results you’re going to have to consistently eat… Read more →