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BioTrust Low Carb Protein Review

BioTrust Low Carb Protein Review Pros: little carbs, tastes great, all natural, time release Cons: smaller servings, have to order online This is my BioTrust Low Carb protein review: Click Here for the BioTrust Low Carb official website BioTrust is a new supplement company entering the online marketplace, […]


5 Dangerous Fitness Trends

The beginning of the New Year usually jump starts many of us into a health-craze leaving the majority of the newbies beaten after a couple short weeks of motivation. After the holidays are over I’ll agree that even I’m excited for the New Year, and to burn off […]


The Apocalypse Workout

If you’re reading this by now then there’s a good chance (according to the Mayans) the world is on it’s way to the apocalypse. Hopefully this will not deter you from the joy of the holiday season, but if you’re like me then I’m sure you’ll be hoping […]

front to back abs workout

Front to Back Abs Workout


How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

When I was first beginning my career as a fitness trainer I thought the only way to motivate people was to yell and scream at them like a military boot camp instructor. Hey it worked in the movies so why couldn’t it work with training people? The truth […]

do carbs make you fat

Do Carbs Make You Fat? YES + Stupid Too

Just about everybody already knows that sugar is going to make them fat, but not too many people know for sure if carbs will too. For the longest time people have misunderstood that eating fats is the main reason why people get fat. This couldn’t be any further […]


7 Ways to Get More Out Of Your Workouts

Something hilarious happened to one of my friends at the gym the other day and I couldn’t help but share it with you guys. He went to the gym with the intent to have a great workout. After an hour had passed he found that he had to […]


3 Week Spartacus Workout Routine

To be 100% honest with you I have never seen the modern Spartacus television series. But I’ve definitely seen the promotions for the show with all the lean bodies and ripped muscles my TV can handle. These impressive physiques didn’t happen by accident as it took weeks of […]


Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

There most likely has been a time in your life (and it could be today) when he asked the question, “ why can’t I lose weight?” The answer to this question really comes down to one thing, and one thing only. Most people already know the answer to […]

what does bpa free mean

What Does BPA Free Mean?

Most people aren’t aware how some of the things they may be doing can seriously affect their health and body composition. You may have seen those ‘BPA Free’ water bottles at your nearest Whole Foods, but there are other important factors you should know about when it comes […]

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