belly fat burning foods

The 37 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods

Fill your fridge and stock your pantry with these belly fat burning foods so you’ll always have them nearby to help you slim your waistline. Eating the right flat belly foods will allow your body to naturally melt away the ...
HIIT workout

Best HIIT Workouts For Rapid Fat Loss

If you’re a regular reader of my blog I’m sure you’ve heard me on numerous occasions praise High Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT workouts, which have been proven to be the best for rapid fat loss. Basically, HIIT workouts are ...
Exercises For Flabby Arms

5 Killer Exercises For Flabby Arms (Get Rid Of Bat Wings)

One of my clients came up to me the other day with a worried look on her face. As she started to shake her jiggly arms to show me the problem I already knew she was looking for some exercises ...
benefits of eating pineapples

The Amazing Benefits of Eating Pineapples

There are more health benefits of eating pineapples than it just being absolutely delicious. Pineapple’s are one of natures sweetest and most tasty fruits you can find year round in your grocery store. They’re second only to bananas in popularity ...
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intermittent fasting for weight loss

Using Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss (Step-By-Step Guide)

Uncover how to use this 1 method of intermittent fasting for weight loss to SKYROCKET your results. I’ll be perfectly honest with you by saying intermittent fasting can be hard both physically and mentally. Most people don’t have the willpower ...
foods that improve mood

17 Foods That Improve Mood & Happiness

Believe it or not the modern Western diet has contributed more than just making your belly bigger. These 17 foods that improve mood will help combat the depressive and anxiety like symptoms that come with eating a bad diet. We ...
cayenne pepper for weight loss

Tips For Using Cayenne Pepper For Weight Loss

The health benefits of using cayenne pepper for weight loss are quite powerful. Cayenne pepper is a shrub that originated in Central and South American. For almost 9,000 years Native Americans used this super spice for seasoning. It’s thought plants ...
best fish for weight loss

9 Best Fish For Weight Loss (And 11 To Stay Away From)

There might be a lot of fish in the sea some of which will help you lose weight while others will cause you more harm than good. Fish are a very important part of your diet not only helping with ...
does sugar really cause belly fat

Does Soda Really Cause Belly Fat?

Soda is without a doubt quite unhealthy for you, but does soda cause belly fat too? We already know soda is bad for us it still doesn’t stop a lot of people from drinking a can of that cool sweet ...
is sourdough bread good for your digestive system

5 Reasons Why Sourdough Bread Is Good For You

Is sourdough bread good for you? By now we’ve heard how bad bread is for us, but there’s evidence sourdough bread could actually help you lose weight. I’ll be the first to admit sourdough bread is delicious with its tangy ...