The Gut Busting Breakfast Your Grandma Ate

breakfast weight loss

This is truly the best breakfast you can eat to burn bellyfat while also boosting your energy levels for the rest of the day. Unless you're into intermittent fasting (which after a lot of experimenting I do NOT think is a long term solution) then your body is like a dried up sponge in the… Read more →

Is The Paleo Diet The Best Diet For Weight Loss?

paleo diet weight loss

With all the hoopla and hype surrounding the Paleo Diet it's high time to take a deep look at the diet to uncover if it's going to get you the results you're after. There are a lot of pluses and some minuses with the Paleo Diet but one thing I really have a gripe with… Read more →

7 Reasons Why You’ll Always Be Fat


Undoubtedly, there's something special that separates those who achieve greatness from those who are merely average. Some think they're just born that way, but they live by a set of principles that guides them towards greatness each and every day. Most people who are fat don't want to be fat. They say the "should" lose… Read more →

St. Valentine’s Day Leg Massacre Workout

st. valentines day leg massacre workout

Hate it or love it Valentine's Day is here, and to celebrate I'm delivering to you via special delivery my Leg Massacre Workout. "Leg Day" is by far my favorite training day of the week. Leg Day and I have a love/hate relationship by that I mean I love training my legs but then again… Read more →