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The Best Butt Exercise

I have a confession to make. I like big butts. One of my mentors in the fitness industry is Mike Boyle and he believes the glute (butt) muscles are the most important muscles in the human body. Unfortunately, most people are suffering from inverted booty syndrome. You know, […]


Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning For Weight Loss

So there I was doing some last minute cramming before my big final in my Biochem class when I suddenly felt like I was going to black out. I really needed to get a good grade on this exam or else I would be pushing whether or not […]


Jump Rope Workout that Burns Fat Fast

Would you believe I am the worst jump roper in the world? I don’t know what the deal is but for some reason my genetics have unfortunately declined me of any skills related in the jump roping realm. It’s really a shame too because it’s such an awesome […]

It’s All Your Fault

Ok maybe it’s not all your fault, but it’s definitely your responsibility. Ask yourself, are you where you want to be right now? There’s a good chance there’s something holding you back from achieving the greatness you were meant for. If you give it some thought you know […]

Start Eating this Fatty Food Immediately

This is the childhood story my great grand pappy used to tell me when I was just knee high to a grasshopper. It’s about the little chubby fruit that everybody used to make fun of in school because they thought he was fat and ugly. We’ll call him […]

How Cutting Calories Can Make You Fat

Calories in. Calories out. Then you’ll slim down. That’s what they tell you. Right? It’s not so simple as just that. Trust me I wish it was it would make my job a heck of a lot easier. But the truth is there are other factors that are […]

workout mistakes

5 Embarrassing Workout Mistakes Making You Fat

One of the biggest reasons most people are hesitant to join a gym in the first place is because they’re either… A. Think they’re so fat they’ll embarrass themselves B. Have absolutely no clue what they’re doing As for the first one if you’re embarrassed about how you’re […]

stability ball abs workout

Stability Ball Abs Workout

I’m back in action today with a new workout video designed to be used with a stability ball. Considering my last workout video was well over a few months ago this one was long overdue. I’m hoping to keep these workout videos coming if you guys like them […]

How I Won at Weight Loss Jeopardy

I woke up this morning from a crazy dream that had me as a contestant on Jeopardy: Weight loss Edition. I found it funny I was on Jeopardy considering I’m one of those people who shout the answer at the TV only to be wrong 90% of the […]


3 Ways to Burn More Fat in your Workouts

I was doing some front squats yesterday when my friend Larry came up to me asking what the heck I was doing. He rolled his eyes when I told him I was doing front squats as he has been doing that particular exercise for nearly 10 years strong […]

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