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1-2-3 Workout Principle

My 1-2-3 Fat Killing Workout Protocol

Want to know how I program my own workouts to maximize fat loss while also building some rock hard muscle? This is the exact method I use in a typical workout for both myself and my clients. This will work whether you’re into doing total body functional training […]

bodyweight dirty thirty workout

Bodyweight “Dirty Thirty” Workout

It’s Workout Wednesday and I’m back with another bodyweight workout that you can use to get a quick workout in. I was working pretty intensely the other day without much time or inclination to go to the gym so I whipped up this “Dirty Thirty” workout. I hope […]

achieving goals

5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals In 2014

Whew! 2013 is already well behind us and now is the time to take 2014 by the jugular and hog tie it like a runaway pig at a rodeo. At the beginning of every year I always write down the things I want to accomplish for the year […]

belly fat burning foods

13 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods

By now I’m sure you’ve figured out the Big Mac you’ve been eating isn’t going to help you burn belly fat. Fortunately, there are some specific foods out there that will help you burn off your stubborn belly faster than others. Of course, to see any real results […]

quick workout

Quick Workout That Burns Fat Fast

Who doesn’t want a quick workout they can do in a minimal amount of time to burn fat, build muscle and that’ll make them look hotter? Time is deathly precious these days, and most people’s idea of a fast workout means hopping on the elliptical for 10 or […]

post-workout shake recipe

My Post-Workout Protein Shake Recipe

After you’ve just finished an intense workout you’re body is like a dried out sponge just waiting to soak up some nutrients to replenish itself. Now is when your body NEEDS to do two things the most… Rehydrate Recover Assuming you actually worked hard and sweated in your […]

500 pound deadlift

How to Lift 500 Pounds

Today I did something I’ve never done before. I deadlifted 500 pounds. I’m not saying this to brag, but to share with you how I did it. For the longest time I was stuck around 400-450 pounds, and just couldn’t make the leap to 500 pounds. Something was […]

kettlebell finisher

Intense Kettlebell Metabolic Workout Finisher

So we had just finished an intense workout that left both of us dripping in sweat and panting like a hot dog (not the food) when I dropped the bomb on him. My friend Corey came up to me assuming the workout was all over, but his demeanor […]

how to stop procrastination

5 Ways To Slap Procrastination In The Face

How many times have you avoided doing something even though you absolutely knew without a shadow of doubt in your mind that you should do it? I may be one of the worst procrastinators of all time, and I’m always way more tempted to watch The Walking Dead […]

Overtraining myth

Overtraining Is A MYTH

I was at the gym today working out when I overheard somebody nearby complain they thought they were overtraining so it would be a good idea to take a week off of working out. I did a double take like I just saw Erin Andrews walk by when […]

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