Can You Use Cinnamon For Weight Loss?

Using cinnamon for weight loss is a little trick that I like to tell my clients to help add some spice to bland foods and to also help them drop some fat.  It’s obviously not going to be very healthy for you if you’re going to add more and more additives to your meals just to make them taste better but cinnamon is an herb and it is going to be an awesome alternative.

But I’m going to be 100% straight forward with you and tell you that just using cinnamon to lose weight isn’t going to be a very good battle plan if you’re looking to transform you body.  Having an awesome nutrition plan and workout regimen are going to be your main priorities but after you take care of the basics you’re also going to have to look to add small changes to aggregate and amplify your results.

I’m always using cinnamon to add some flavor to many of the bland foods that I tend to eat.  I’m not the greatest cook this side of the Mississippi and I’m also not loaded with time for cooking so usually I’m putting together something quick that almost always doesn’t taste very appetizing.

You may totally disagree with me but I like to use cinnamon in my plain Greek yogurts, protein shakes, fruit, coffee and tea.  And cinnamon isn’t going to just help out with taste but it’s also going to help us from packing on the belly fat.

Research For The Use Of Cinnamon For Weight Loss

A research study published in Diabetes Care found that cinnamon could be used to reduce the glycemic index of your meal by 18-29% while also reducing triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol.  They also found that those who added cinnamon to their diets could reduce the risk associated with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The reason we want our meals to have a lower glycemic index is because foods that are higher on the glycemic index scale tend to raise your blood sugar levels.  And rapidly raising blood sugar levels will set off a chain of reactions putting your body into “fat storing mode.”

Keeping your blood sugar spikes low is going to be the best recipe for rapid fat loss. In addition to using cinnamon, try eating your meals slower because if you eat like a hungry dog chowing down it’s breakfast even the healthiest of meals can still spike your blood glucose levels.

Cinnamon Rolls: NOT A Good Use For Cinnamon

And in all honesty I wouldn’t back the glycemic index as an ultimately defining your diet because there are still quite a few foods such as dairy products that are low in the glycemic index scale but they still have a high insulin index level.

In attempts to use cinnamon for weight loss the study found 3g and 6g of cinnamon daily were adequate amounts to see results.  Since cinnamon weights 2.8g per teaspoon that’s going to be 1 1/2 – 2 teaspoons that should be taken daily.  Like with anything that you do there are always limits to what you put into your body and too much of anything isn’t good for you so be sure to keep your intake under 2 teaspoons daily.

Even though using cinnamon for weight loss has been proven it’s still going to take a good amount of time before you seen any kind of results.  From studies I’ve seen most people don’t see any kind of results for 12-24 weeks but I really consider using cinnamon as a long-term strategy to keep adding into your repertoire.

I would recommend actually going out and getting some freshly ground cinnamon while also tossing out the old jar you have on your spice rack.  Since the quality of your herbs will decrease with age a good trick is to physically write the open date on the bottle and toss them out after a year.

An Easy Way To Consistently Use Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Even though I’m not very big on supplement usage for fat loss I’ve found Prograde Metabolism to be one of the most effective natural fat burners out there.  And the good news is that Prograde has included an ample amount of cinnamon in the product in addition to other proven natural fat burners such as green tea extract, L-Tyrosine, caffeine, capsaicin and more in a convenient package.

But please don’t get Prograde Metabolism and expect it to be a miracle worker.  You’re still going to have to implement a great nutrition program as well as a consistent fat burning workout routine to make significant gains.  But if you’re looking to accelerate your results in a natural way I’d recommend trying out Prograde Metabolism.

Also keep in mind the reason I titled this blog post, cinnamon for weight loss I’m usually referring more to the fat burning process than merely dropping weight, and now it’s time to start adding a little more spice to your life!


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