Use The Only Science-Backed, Proven Formula To Blast Away Belly Fat In Less Than a Month While Guaranteeing You Get Results!

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Check Out Just A Few Of The Success Stories From The Flat Belly Formula...

I've lost 13 pounds in these last 3 weeks 😁 thank u soooo sooo soo much.


Hi Josh!!! Since I can't make it to your boot camp in the mornings, I am trying your program at home! I am happy to tell you I have lost 4 pounds in 4 days!!! I love the recipes! I will try the pork loin in crock pot tonight. So far I have just been following the meal plan without the workouts. Next week I will add the workouts. Thanks so much!

Amanda M.
Amanda M.

I have lost 10 pounds and I love this program. Josh makes it so simple to follow and very accessible which what I need as a busy mom. The added videos on YouTube are so beneficial and I think they help to accelerate fat loss. Would definitely recommend to others!

Lori E., Florida
Lori E., Florida

The Flat Belly Formula was handcrafted to maximize the burning of belly fat so you can get a firm stomach in the shortest time imaginable.

Some Of The Amazing Benefits You'll Get From Using The Flat Belly Formula Include...

When Using The Flat Belly Formula You Can Expect To Get Quicker Results In Half The Time You Would With Regular Dieting And Exercise Programs.

  • Drop 2 Jean Sizes In Less Than 2 Weeks
  • Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans Without Having To Squeeze Into Them
  • Flatten Your Belly & Lose Your Love Handles
  • Drop 2-4 Inches Off Your Stomach In A Few Short Weeks
  • Boost Your Energy Levels
  • Feel Better, Look Better & Get The Clearest Skin You've Had In Years
  • Tighten + Trim Your Body
  • Increase Muscle Will Leave Men and Women Looking Toned + Lean
  • Smooth Out Cellulite With Workouts That Blast Away Skin Dimples
  • Jumpstart To Your Hot Body With Fast Results You Can Expect

Here's What You'll Get Once You Download The Flat Belly Formula system...

The Diet Manual

Inside The Diet Manual is where you’ll find everything you need to know, what to eat and when to eat it, to lose weight and slim your belly down quickly. This isn’t a “cookie cutter” diet plan but a highly effective science-backed weight loss plan proven to make you lose weight without killing yourself trying. Everything is laid out for you step-by-step so there’s no guessing on your part on anything.

You’ll know what foods you should be eating with my complete list of Flat Belly Foods that cause your body to burn stomach fat. You’ll also have a list of Belly Fat Causing Foods you should stay away from to keep the belly fat off for good.

Without this Diet Manual it will be near impossible to 100% completely get rid of your belly fat. Most diet plans just want to you to cut out your calories but that clearly isn’t everything. In here you’ll uncover what you really need to be eating, how much and most importantly when you should be eating it to turn your metabolism into a belly fat burning machine.

The Training Manual

Just The Diet Manual alone will give you phenomenal results and when you add The Training Manual on top you will double your results. The workouts in The Training Manual use my special blend of Metabolic Resistance Training and High Intensity Interval Training to produce the best belly fat burning workouts possible.

I’ve specifically designed all the workouts in The Training Manual for busy-people who don’t have a gym membership. You will be able to complete all the workouts in about 20 minutes so you can go on with your day while your body keeps burning body fat at an elevated rate. Rest assured if you do have a gym membership then you’ll also be able to smash belly fat with these powerful fat burning workouts.

You’ll blast through any and all fat burning plateaus your body is going through because your body has never experienced workouts like these. You’ll increase your metabolism up to 38 hours after you’ve finished just one of these workouts so you’ll still be burning fat when you go to sleep tomorrow night. If you’re ready for 6-pack abs or a flat stomach then the Training Manual will give you exactly what your body needs.

Quick Start Guide

With the Quick Start Guide to The Flat Belly Formula you’ll instantly be on your way to success as I take you by the hand and lay out everything you need to know simply and quickly.

You’ll discover how to take and measure your body fat percentage and inches precisely so you can have an accurate look at your progress towards your new flat belly. You’ll also have the Quick Start Checklist so you can ensure you’ll have everything in place for your success to be unstoppable.

I’m also including my mindset tips to get your mind right to smash through any mental walls holding you back from achieving the success you deserve. My #2 mindset method is the key to keeping your progress on track throughout the program to guarantee your transformation success.

Supplement Guide

With this manual you’ll have access to the few worthy supplements I recommend to maximize your results with The Flat Belly Formula system. Although supplements are required for this program they can accelerate your results quicker than without. Having access to this supplement strategy will ensure you have expert and ideal recommendations to create accelerated fat loss results.

Flat Belly Calculator

With The Flat Belly Calculator you’ll be able to instantly discover how many calories and how many protein/carbs/fats your body needs to burn stomach fat rapidly. All you’ll have to do is punch in the numbers and the science-backed formula will create for you the numbers you need to know to get real results.

BONUS #1: Metabolic Fat Loss Accelerator

Use this special bonus to take your belly fat burning to another level so you can get better and even faster results than you thought possible. Included are my *4-Minute Morning Meltdowns* you can do quickly in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism so you can instantly begin burning fat to last the rest of the day. You’ll also uncover my two other advanced methods of quickly burning off belly fat you can use with The Flat Belly Formula system I like to call my Metabolism Maximizer Method.

BONUS #2: Tracking Sheets

What would a highly effective foolproof weight loss program be without sheets to track your progress and massive results? You’ll need to use these same professionally designed tracking sheets I use with my own personal clients to keep an eye on your progress and for a rapid boost of motivation as you see all the stubborn belly fat falling off once and for all.

BONUS #3: VIP Email Consulting

I saved the best for last. Included with The Flat Belly Formula will be VIP Email Consulting with me to answer all of your questions. Throughout the program you'll have access to me to answer all and any questions you may have with The Flat Belly Formula. Your emails will automatically be sent to the top of my inbox. You'll get VIP Priority treatment to answer every question so you'll never be left unsure of what to do next. There is nobody else on the internet willing to do this, but I'm giving this to you because I want to be 100% positive you get the best results possible.

If you were to hire me for one-on-one personal training and nutrition coaching it would cost you up to $150 per hour but to reach as many people as humanly possible I created this program to give you my "best-of" belly fat burning blueprint for the super low cost of only $37. You won't have to pay me $150 per hour for this easy-to-follow master plan you can instantly use to drop 8 inches off your belly in 4 weeks. You don't even have to pay the original price of $97 for this program, but if you order today you can get it for the discounted rate of only $37.

Coffee over the next month costs more than the price you'll pay for The Flat Belly Formula but you won't get the massive results you'll get with this step-by-step blueprint. $37 is a lot cheaper than what you'd pay for a local personal trainer, gym membership and nutrition coaching... and they won't even guarantee you get results!

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