Hardcore TRX and Kettlebell Workout


Hardcore TRX and Kettlebell Workout…by Josh Schlottman

Using two of my most favorite pieces of fitness equipment of all time, I had the crazy idea to create the ultimate hardcore workout using the TRX and kettlebells.  Both the TRX Suspension Trainer and the kettlebell are HUGE staples in just about all of my own personal workouts and my clients.  For a more in depth look be sure to see my TRX Suspension Trainer review.

The best way I thought possible to make this workout as hardcore as possible using the TRX and kettlebells was to superset them.  I have used supersets in my own workouts ever since I was around 18 years old.  To be perfectly honest I picked up the whole concept from bodybuilders, most notably Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And the supersets are still SUPER relevant when it comes to workouts that build muscle and burn fat.  The real key is mixing up the supersets, and one of my favorite ways is to alternate pushing and pulling exercises.

So with the TRX Suspension Trainer and the kettlebells I would use one for mostly a pushing exercises, such as TRX push-ups, while I would immediately go into another pulling exercise with the kettlebells, such as rows.  This way I’m using two whole different muscles groups back-to-back and getting the biggest bang for my buck.  So while my pushing muscles are resting, I’m training my pulling muscles instead of hanging out by the drinking fountain and watching ESPN.

The supersets in this hardcore TRX and kettlebell workout will get most people headed straight to the puke bucket, and on top of that all the exercises I use with them are going to be total body and require a lot of work.  When I first switched over to this style of training from the more traditional bodybuilding background, I was SHOCKED to find out how weak I was when I was doing this stuff.  It’s easy doing curls with 135 lbs. but trying to do curls on the TRX while laying on your back is the ultimate test.

Another component of this hardcore workout using the TRX and kettlebells was the use of time based intervals.  I decided to go with 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest.  And as well all know, intervals is the best absolute way to burn fat the fastest.  But it’s also going to be a pain in the ass to finish the workout, so if you’re down for taking some pain then your efforts will be well worth it.

We’ll also be performing 3 total rounds with a 90 seconds rest in between rounds.  The 90 second rest is going to be imperative to keeping the body strong and allowing it some time to recover so we can go back and hit the next round HARD.

Be sure to watch the below video and be sure to post a comment with your thoughts or questions on the workout, your opinion is important to me.

P.S. – For more information on the TRX be sure to check it out by clicking the image below.

Get With the movement

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  • Reply jonmarc August 27, 2010, 10:35 am

    awesome workout josh.im incorporating this into my mma/jiu jitsu training.do you recommend doing this workout on an empty stomach,first thing in the morning?i’ve added planks,bridges during the rest periods for “active recovery”,and i will experiment on how to do this workout in a 3 5minute round fight simulation workout.pukin’already,thanks josh

    • Reply Josh Schlottman August 27, 2010, 12:27 pm

      I wouldn’t do it on a totally empty stomach because it’s so intense… at least have a protein shake 30 minutes before the workout. Nothing too heavy or else you’ll be puking up a storm!

  • Reply Shawn August 27, 2010, 10:59 am

    Me and my buddy who are both CPT here in Hawaii did your “Hardcore TRX and Kettlebell Workout” this morning about 20 minutes ago…HOLY SH*T!! We followed your 30 on, 30 off time recommendation, with 90 seconds in between for recovery. That was some hard stuff. Keep up the good work, and postings. Aloha from Hawaii, Shawn

    • Reply Josh Schlottman August 27, 2010, 12:28 pm

      Hey Shawn, awesome! Glad you both tried the workout and it kicked your butt, know share it with your clients! Keep training…

  • Reply Paul Lee August 27, 2010, 4:48 pm

    TRX is legit we us them for football at my highschool and the kettle bell workout is pretty creative. Love all your vids

  • Reply Marcel Baracho August 27, 2010, 8:39 pm

    Hello Josh I wonder if you know the Diet Lean Gains that promises a big fat loss, fasting for 16 hours and meals in 8 hours. I’m from Brazil, the diet seems to be more known in the USA, if you know anything of this diet could do an article. Thank you for your attention

  • Reply Diana Lovejoy September 21, 2010, 11:21 am

    I love your creative and TOUGH TRX combos! I use all of those fantastic TRX moves too…but you’ve added some great combo ideas. Thanks!

    • Reply Josh Schlottman September 21, 2010, 2:37 pm

      Thanks Diana!

  • Reply Bob October 9, 2010, 3:44 pm

    Hey Josh. I like this workout. Do you have any suggestions or references for anyone considering setting up a home gym? What type of equiptment would you consider for a good gym for building lean, athletic muscle?


  • Reply Gail December 8, 2010, 6:27 pm

    Just want to clarify…you do 1st exercise 30 sec, rest 30 as you get ready for next. Then keep going thru until completed…right?

    Also, when doing a TRX exercise that is one legged do you switch sides during the 30 sec rest and complete both sides before moving onto kettlebell exercise?

    Thank you! I can hardly wait to try this workout.

  • Reply Ryan February 1, 2011, 5:24 pm

    G’day Josh,

    Just wanted to say that I have learnt a lot from your site and it has really helped me to achieve far greater results than I have got in the past.

    I recently bought a TRX after reading about it here and I love it. I was wondering if there is any chance you could do a workout to increase vertical leap? Some info on this would be great especially if it could incorporate my new TRX.

    Thanks from Australia.

    • Reply Josh Schlottman February 7, 2011, 4:22 pm


      Hey Ryan, way to take action and get your TRX Trainer. I’ll see about doing a TRX workout for vertical leap…

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