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Use This 1 Trick To Instantly Stop Eating So Much

A new study has just been released with rather simple ways to prevent yourself from eating like my dog when it’s dinner time.

Hope you’re having a great summer so far and it’s hard to believe the year is already more than halfway over.

I celebrated my birthday last week too. I never really understood why people seem to hate their birthdays more and more every year.

Time is going to pass whether we like it or not so the best thing we can do is just accept it.

All we can really do is do the best with the time we’re given. Some years from now with focus and hard work you’ll be in better shape, have great relationships and you’ll be more successful with your work.

If we’d spent all that time sitting on the couch watching TV, checking Facebook and eating uncontrollably then I’d understand why nobody enjoyed getting older.

Now let’s get down and dirty into how you can trick yourself into eating less so you can slim down quicker…

This study out of University of Aberdeen found animals became more satiated when they ate soluble fiber when compared to protein.

Both fiber and protein have long been considered to be the best sources of increasing satiety, but in this study they found fiber to be the winner.

Fiber is one of those things that gets overlooked all too easily, but it’s absolutely imperative we incorporate it into our diet.

The more full you feel from eating fiber the less likely you are to feel hungry. And when you don’t feel hungry the odds of you eating drop drastically.

You can also use a spice like cinnamon to help you lose weight by adding it to your foods.

Not to mention the benefits to your gut from eating fiber, which is an absolutely important part of your overall health.

I try to get most of my fiber from vegetables and some fruits. Also make sure you’re eating prebiotics from garlic and onions.

Sometimes I feel like that TV chef Emiril when I throw more garlic into the pan… BAM!

One of the reasons I prefer to blend my vegetables instead of juicing them is to keep the fiber.

When I see people juicing all the time and throwing out the fiber my jaw hits the floor.

It’s like they’re throwing away gold. So just by eating more fiber you can help yourself to slim down quicker than by just eating your regular diet.

Try it whenever you’re feeling really hungry to keep from overeating. It just works.

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One Comment

  1. Steve Reed

    March 21, 2016 at 8:56 am

    Another trick I’ve found is to brush my teeth after I eat anything. Then if I find myself reaching for a snack that I shouldn’t have, I remember that I’ll have to brush my teeth again so I forbear.

    It seems to work really well, I just keep a travel toothbrush in my backpack that I carry around so I can brush anywhere. The plus side is that I always have clean teeth so win-win.


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