Dieting For Fat Loss

Discovering the best diet for belly fat loss can seem like an almost impossible task.  There’s so many different diets out there that are trying to get your attention that it’s going to be super hard to tell which one you should go with.  But to lose belly fat in a week you’re going to have to take your game to the next level.

Even discovering how to get rid of lower belly fat seems to be tough considering it’s the last sticking point that’s holding people back from being totally confident with their body.

To be perfectly honest with you, just about any dieting program out there on the market is going to help you lose weight as long as you stick to it.  Some will naturally work better than others but the best diet for belly fat will be the one that will allow you to keep going with the diet well after you’ve lost some fat off your stomach.

Sustainability in a dieting program is one of the biggest factors that I’ll look into when I’m investigating the latest and greatest diets.  Anybody can tell you to just drink water and not eat anything and yeah you’ll lose weight but it won’t be healthy and you won’t be able to keep it up for long.

Sooner or later these crash dieting programs will completely throw your biology off and your body will fight back and practically draw you to pounding down the double bacon cheeseburger.  When you diet crash the body you’re hormones will naturally think that you don’t have any access to food and it’ll release hormones telling your body that you absolutely need to eat something and eat something with a boatload of calories.

Also you have to look at which foods that the diet is recommending you eat.  I have a huge problem with the NutriSystem dieting program because it’ll give you these heavily processed frozen foods for you to eat that’ll fill your body with chemicals and other junk that’s not supposed to be there.

I wouldn’t recommend a dieting program that didn’t incorporate organic foods into the system.  Eliminating foods laced with chemicals and preservatives is going to be imperative to blasting away your belly fat and the more non-organic foods that you eat will eventually pack on the stomach fat instead of reducing it.

And there’s no two ways around it, you’re going to have to eat healthy 90% of the time to lose belly fat.  There are a ton of dieting programs out there that claim you can eat whatever the heck you want as long as you keep the portions in check but I say that’s a bunch of B.S.

Filling your body with un-healthy foods, no matter the amount is going to pack on the belly fat.  If you’re unsure about what is the best diet for belly fat loss then avoid all diets claiming that you can eat whatever you want all the time.  The only time I excuse the “cheating” on a diet is on a specifically declared cheat day.

The cheat day is the one day a week you’re allowed to eat whatever the heck you want.  This will not only improve you motivation to adhering to the diet but it’ll also allow low hormone levels to boost back up to “fat burning levels.”

But you can’t sprinkle in the cheat meals throughout the week, it just doesn’t work like that.  Six out of the seven days of the week you should be on your dieting program 100% and then you’ll be rewarded with the cheat day once a week.

I do think it’s a great idea to constantly be changing how your body takes in it’s macronutrients and calories as well.  This is a more of an advanced dieting protocol but it’s also going to be highly effective at helping with weight loss.

Rotating your calories and macronutrient intakes such as carbohydrates and proteins can have dramatic effects on your metabolism to help you burn fat.  Of course, all of these calories and macronutrients are going to be healthy foods but you’ll just be rotating your intake of them.

One of my favorite dieting programs that effective does this is the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet because it not only incorporate healthy foods into your nutrition but it’ll also have you rotating calories throughout the program.

It’ll be honestly a little difficult getting the rotation of calories and macronutrients down but once you’re able to systemize it then you’re belly fat will be coming off layers at a time.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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